Pan & Grill – London Walworth Road

Happy 4th Birthday to this blog!

Walworth Road is forever changing with the food chain.

After a late start to the morning and a trek to Knightsbridge to try and at least get a peek at Banksy’s artwork opposite the French Embassy, I was met with disappointment… so onwards back home. 😦 Politics and workmen always destroy street art! Might just go and find some more works down Shoreditch. 
Anyway. Once upon a time there was an internet cafe I used to go to before internet was available in my home. The internet cafe disappeared and it changed into a normal cafe. Then things changed and it changed into a cafe/restaurant. That place is now called Pan & Grill.

It’s amazing how this place has change from once an Internet cafe to a normal running restaurant. The layout almost reminded me of Bayroot, but this place has more lighting, it opens for breakfast and there’s a selection of different foods available. It just needs some soft music in the background to distract people from other customers.

I ordered a variety of things. I think this is a Turkish owned restaurant by the way but they do a variety of foods in this place.

Tried the starters first which was lightly battered. It had a very fresh taste to it. Didn’t have too much of the sauce that came with it but that was nice and rich.

This was a different dish. I have never seen a dish called Grape Casserole. I was very intrigued with this and so I had to try it out. Well, the grapes were a bit too sweet for this dish. The vegetables were nicely cooked and the cheese blended well with it. The grapes need a little something to go with this dish (I almost left them on the plate, but I ate them anyway)… even the owner was asking how did this dish go… This dish could change!

Cous cous came with the dish which blended well with the veggies.
I also ordered a pear dessert… wow!! This was poached in something I couldn’t even recognise. Think it might be some sort of red wine. I should have read the menu properly!! This was to die for. I could have this again!! I think this dessert will do very well. Even the fancy people might just pop in for this!

Total cost came to £19.40. That’s not bad. If this was a very fancy restaurant for the posh I’m sure they could have charged more. Very good indeed! There are many dishes, Italian, burgers, Turkish foods… You might just find something in this place.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Very friendly service
– Nice hot food
– Love the dessert… interesting

Bad points:
– Just needed some light music

Address: 302 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2TE
Tel: 020 7358 4327

Royal Gourmet Frozen Cheong Fun

An excited YES comes out of my mouth when I saw that Mr Stingy found frozen cheong fun (flat rice noodles with fillings) were available in the bigger Chinese supermarkets – basically not in China Town but have yet to go there to see if there’s any.
My trip to Hoo Hing was worth it just to find these. They are expensive. More expensive than eating these at a restaurant. Sigh. The prawn cheong fun is £3.99 and the beef cheong fun is £3.30, whereas restaurants would sell them for less than £3.

Well, it’s worth a try since this is the first brand I have come across to make this available in frozen format. A packet of sweet soy sauce is available, which I suggest you should defrost using a bowl of warm water (just don’t open the packet).

Instead of using a pan, I used another way of steaming… a big massive rice cooker. The easiest style of steaming. ^_^

Post steaming of around 20 minutes (just to make sure everything is cooked) this is what it turned out to look like, 

You add the soy sauce on top and voila!

Unfortunately, this happened when taking it out,,, they split easily. It always happens especially in restaurants. So don’t worry, it does happen to us Chinese peeps too!
The taste was ok, just the prawns weren’t extremely the freshest type. The soy sauce on the other hand is the bit I like the most about this dim sum. ^_^

Next, I tried the beef one, did exactly the same as the prawn one above.

This has some crunchy water chestnut inside and some sort of peppery spice probably to get rid of any bad tastes and smells. I like this one! Surprisingly there were loads of the beef one in the freezer. The prawn ones were almost gone and the char siu cheong fun was completely gone!!

Well the pork one is the only one I have to try… if you like these, hope you can them!!

Hoo Hing 和興 Chinese Supermarket – London Mitcham

So far, my week off has been ok apart from the wind and rain.
Next stop during the weekend was to go to one the branches of this Chinese supermarket Hoo Hing 和興 (Canto: wo(r) hing; Mando: he xing). I went with MummyGeek who says she’s been here before (but she doesn’t even remember how she got there!). 
We took the Northern Line on the tube and headed to Colliers Wood. Then we took the bus 152 which headed straight there. This world is small because I actually bumped into a colleague of mine who lives in Mitcham. Strange. He also told us where to go as well. Lol!! Stop at Lewis Road… 6 stops I think,

Hoo Hing is a little expensive compared to the prices in China Town, but it’s the only place nearest to where I live that sells frozen cheong fun (flat rice noodles with fillings).

You can buy live crabs and lobsters in this place! Wow!!

Hoo Hing in Mitcham is like a big warehouse. Lots of freezers and lots of restaurant equipment etc.

Well if you visit make sure to check out the little restaurant they have… was too shy to go in.

Address: Bond Rd, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3EB


Nama Foods – London Notting Hill

You know what?
I’ve never been to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant before. I’m a meat eater and I know I should eat less of it.
So “clean-eating” came up in a conversation with my colleague Miss Vegan last week – an extreme type of vegan eating of raw foods. We were talking about vegan sauces in the Asian markets – and there are a few, you just have to find them. Very hard to spot because the bottles are so small and are quite expensive!
Whilst looking up clean-eating, I clicked onto a restaurant called Nama Foods which is based in the Notting Hill area, so I said to my colleague I will drop by to have a look… It’s my week off this week, but thought I should start the weekend by doing most of the things I needed in case of bad weather and if something else came up. So after popping into London Zoo once again, this time I got my membership card! Yay! I went bus hopping to get to Nama Foods. I took the 274 from London Zoo, got off at Baker Street area, then took the bus 18. Got off at Royal Oak Station and then walked for about 15 minutes along into Talbot Road. It’s not hard to find… just a longish walk from where I was. You could easily get the number 7 bus from Oxford Street!

Well. Was it good or bad timing entering between 2 and 3pm? Uh, it was bad timing. Already busy with the locals and the waiting staff seemed overwhelmed. How do they cope? No idea.
I got seated at the bar section. I didn’t mind but got to see a lot of people trying to use the single toilet available. Quite embarrassing when people tried to open the already locked door (I do that sometimes…). It took a while to get a waiters attention. They kept going up and down the stairs. But finally got someone’s attention! Phew… the waiter took my order without a pen and paper. I read an article in The Guardian (yes, I read The Guardian online… used to be The Times fan for a bit but got sidetracked) that restaurants should encourage their waiters to take note using pen and pad with people’s orders… In this restaurant I think they should do that unless they’re being eco-friendly…
The first item that came out was this Chocolate Heaven smoothie. Hmmm, a chocolate smoothie. They use almond milk in this. Tasted exquisite. I think I was the last person that afternoon to order this. ^_^ By the way, the free water was behind me. You have a choice of cucumber or lemon water. I chose cucumber.

The one item I was most intrigued with was the Italian Pasta which Miss Vegan kind of told me about where clean eating restaurants would use courgettes as spaghetti.  The food is cold by the way as everything they use is raw. The Italian sauce was amazing, vinegary and went well with the courgettes. I think the only thing missing was some sort of bread that would have gone well with the vinegar taste.

And the last item I had was this Blueberry Cheesecake. The cheesecake itself is made of a blend of cashew nut cheese (I’ve never heard of that before) and blueberries creating a sour taste. The crust part was nice, nutty and sweet. Amazing what vegans can do with raw foods!

Total cost came to £36. It is expensive to eat vegan style but a good experience. Will try more vegetarian or vegan foods in the future!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– A different food experience
– Healthy, coz everything is raw
– Love the food presentation

Bad points:
– Expensive
– Service was ok and friendly but could be better

Address: 110 Talbot Road, London W11 1JR
Tel: 020 7313 4638

H Mart Mini Korean Supermarket – London Tottenham Court Road

So I finally went to H Mart Mini  in Tottenham Court Road (after a morning trip to London Zoo – bought a full membership for the year, so I’ll be going there more often than usual… I’m actually excited because it gets me out of my own home when I’m bored)!
From London Zoo I took the Northern Line and got off at Goodge Street, but what I should have done was get off at Warren Street. I walked the wrong way to the top of Oxford Street and it was actually at the other end!! 😦 Took the bus all the way back downhill towards Warren Street. Exhausting… 

The bigger H Mart is located in New Malden which I have yet to find and discover. Can’t wait for that to happen!! This is a smallish store. I think this place was a newsagents so you probably can understand the size of it all. 
They blast some Korean pop music and there’s actually a rack of albums you can quickly look at and buy!

Most of the foods here you can buy in other Asian stores, but I think H Mart Mini is quite unique. They sell the flat fishcakes and Korean kitchenware… and they even sell these fishy sausages. Ugh!! Remember I tried them before – the ones I bought from Hong Kong… Bleurgh.

I bought a good £15 worth of stuff… frozen rice cakes, fishcakes, spicy ramen, dduoboki sauce… and what did I make? Rabokki – a Korean street food snack.

As well as the ingredients for the rabokki I bought refrigerated boneless fried chicken. Yaaaay!! ^_^ So happy!!

I even bought a water bottle that you see in some Korean restaurants. For some reason I wanted one of those for a while. Now I know!

Think I’ll be coming here from time to time. ^_^

Address: 115 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 5AH

Market O Real Brownie

I have a Taiwanese friend from work who went back to Taiwan for her Christmas holiday and she also went to South Korea in between. Humph. I want to go to South Korea one day. I want to eat lots of fried chicken, spicy noodles and lots of other stuff. ^_^
She bought a lot of snacky things back and one of them is this brownie called Market O – Real Brownie. A popular Korean snack. Never seen this before!! I think I need to go around some Korean supermarkets this year and I still need to visit New Malden!!

Well it looks like a real brownie, a bit dry looking on top – dry crust I would say.

In the middle you can see a few chocolate bits. It tasted quite dry and it reminded me of eating a Hershy’s chocolate bar especially with the aftertaste. Hmmm I think the Koreans need to work on that.

Interesting-ish snack methinks. Wouldn’t buy it personally though.

Kam Tong Chinese Restaurant 金唐 – London Bayswater

Sorry, lazy to blog this week.
Last weekend was Miss Posh’s birthday. Happy Birthday! ^_^ And you know Miss Posh likes a good, expensive restaurant. Heheh. So where did we go? Kam Tong Chinese Restaurant 金唐 (Canto: gam tong; Mando: jin tang… meaning: Golden Tang Dynasty) which is located in Bayswater.
Sorry for angle of this pic
I must’ve passed Bayswater many times and never really noticed this little street of the second China Town in London. DaddyChef used to work around the area so knows this street quite well from back in the old days. He said Kam Tom is one of the most expensive Chinese restaurants in the area. Don’t blame them, they’re next to Hyde Park and all the “rich” peeps of London. High rent value. ¬_¬”
So I was to be there at 4 pm, and just made it a few minutes (about 10 min later, but still got told off for not being there early enough!) after Miss Posh got there. We moved our seats around, and around so that the waiters could get by… it was a little cramped but it doesn’t matter.
We sat and talked… Haven’t seen Miss Posh for months, and her life has changed with the wind dramatically as she’s now moved to Swindon!! Ugh! So far!!!! So her local pub The Shard is now a distant pub.
We were in time to order the dim sum… and we ordered some other dishes like she had done at her birthday the year before. 🙂 The waiter who took our order wasn’t impressed with Miss Posh’s ordering. He was really trying to be the cool looking Chinese guy. Hmmm. But at least he was patient with us.
Crispy BBQ Pork buns was totally different to see… Like those Chinese “pineapple buns” on top and BBQ buns at the bottom.

Spicy chicken feet is the norm.

And Pumpkin Duck? Wow! These are like those meat dumplings, but these are ultimately crispy with some spicy duck and mashed pumpkin filling inside. Was amazed at this piece. ^_^

And the normal dishes… Egg fried rice, beef stew and choi sum in oyster sauce… I think these were glistening with msg.

And lastly was the fish… Miss Posh ordered the most expensive fish. Seabass. ¬_¬” £23! It came in Thai style. Spicy but sweet… The fish was really fresh though.

In the end we were so full! Had some jasmine tea in the end… It was so hard to run for the bus… :p
Total came to £75.04. 4p? Where did that come from? Expensive Chinese food indeed!!!
My geeky rating: 5/5 – just because it was really good quality food!
Good points:
– Good quality food
– Polite-ish service (the oldies are the nice ones)
– Dim sum was great! Some different stuff that you don’t see in normal China Town
Bad points:
– Expensive!!
Address: 59-63 Queensway, London W2 4QH
Tel: 020 7229 6065

Dinky’s Hot Dogs – London Walworth Road (CLOSED – NOT SURE WHY!!)

Unfortunately they’ve closed down… so quick!

A new year, a new restaurant.

This year a hot dog joint has opened on the Walworth Road, well it opened last year during Christmas week and that’s probably not a good time to start a restaurant, now is it?! 
After what was considered a long day at work (it’s awful working alone covering for others… you actually get no rest and you’re just thinking what to do next all the time 😦 kept dreaming of a long awaited sleep)…
Dinky’s Hot Dogs have replaced a store. I forgot what the previous store was. Already had passed this on a bus and already started looking to see if there was a menu online, and WOW, they’ve already started their website!! Cool!! They are already set up on the Internet world, whereas a lot of other places wouldn’t have dreamed of doing things so quickly! 

So I went in, and I think the owner and staff member were quite surprised to see a customer enter the door. After looking and re-looking at the menu that day, I decided to go for my original plan… ^_^

I sat there for quite a while and saw people coming and going, so took a few pics whilst waiting that evening, and also started chatting to the staff member. Hmmm, I think they need some music!!

My food came out… it was kind of a slow service as there was only one till and one cook! But nevertheless it will pick up and hopefully more staff will be employed. 
Since it was Christmas, it was difficult for them to get trays to serve the food for those eating in, so we were wasting bags. Nevermind. First time restaurants will often pick up later. I hope!
So I ordered the expensive hot dogs. The beef brisket hot dog and curly fries came out first. To me it looked like there wasn’t enough beef brisket, But actually it is a lot-ish. The frankfurter sausages they use are quite big – so no weeny frankfurters are used here! Sauce in the beef brisket was not bad either. Curly fries came out hot and tasty, which I was happy with.

I looked at the drinks and saw the berry milkshake… wooo… never tried a berry milkshake before. It consists of berries (blackcurrant I think) and vanilla ice cream. Interesting! Didn’t taste bad, but it was quite thick.

Apologies for my messy ketchup :p … the one thing I wanted was the corndog! Remember I wanted to try this out in New York but couldn’t find it because they only make this stuff in the Mid-West like Texas or somewhere. ¬_¬” So I’m really happy Dinky’s have it. I took a picture of a bad side sorry. The sausage they use looks like it’s split into half, coated into their sweet batter and fried. I got two pieces so that’s fine with me. And for £1.99, that isn’t bad stuff!!! I actually liked it, although quite big.

Ok, so be surprised, I did have gastric pain still but was wearing off… and I decided to buy the pulled pork hot dog as takeaway. Heheheheheh…. Greedy Geek is still here. This wasn’t too bad. I think it was warm when I got home. I can’t remember how it tasted to be honest, but think the corndog was the winner out of all three hot dogs I have ate so far.

Total cost came to around £19. For starters I felt like I tried everything, so it was worth every penny… most of my change ended up at this place!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Friendly service
– Good prices
– Good size hot dogs
– Definitely try the corndogs and the berry milkshake!!
– Aa alternative to McDonald’s and other restaurants around the area

Bad points:
– Just need some music and probably another cook

Address: 227 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RL
Tel: 07805 071988


3D Origami – Futurama, Vault Boy, Kakashi Hatake and Peppa Pig

I have loads of paper. Too much paper which I need to use up otherwise my money will be wasted… Business is now zero. I guess my friends have gone off 3D origami, but I haven’t – just haven’t thought of many projects to make.
I’ve had this idea of the Futurama characters for a while now – well since I started knitting again. Bender crept into my my mind a lot and so I had to make him first…
Finally had the time during the summer bank holiday… all was quiet and I made this. Pretty cute. I think lots of people like Bender. 

Then I made Fry just before I started making that granny square blanket for my Goddaughter. Fat Fry as Mr Games put it.

On Christmas Eve, I made Leela. She didn’t take long to make.

The Futurama models were originally for Mr Picky as a Christmas gift, but Miss Pinky thought it was practical to knit him something, so now I have to knit him something. 😦 My poor fingers, hands and arms are tired of knitting).
Before my colleague Miss Vegan took time out from work, I made Peppa Pig who was also sitting on my mind for her son. Hope he likes it!

Mr Games requested Vault Boy for Christmas (still not given to him yet :p). He is a big fan of Fallout the game, and Fallout Four came out this year – he actually took a week off to play the game (and that’s the honest truth)… ¬_¬” That’s why I call him Mr Games!! ^_^

And just yesterday I made Kakashi Hakate from Naruto at Mr Sensible’s request – also for Christmas. He likes Naruto the anime and he dressed up as Hakate for Mr Games’ birthday party. To be honest, I never heard of this character until Mr Sensible talked about him… thought he was going to be difficult to make, but actually he was very easy to make! The dark blue paper was hard to find on eBay, so I had to go onto a different website to find this shade of blue and green. Olive green paper is also hard to find! 

Thinking of other models now. What to make? What to make?!!!
p.s. Sorry for the wine bottles in the background… I had some stomach pain (probably inflamed) over Christmas – too much eating and drinking I’m guessing which resulted in no drinking during my 4 day holiday. So sad.

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year Bloggers, readers and friends! ^_^
From the own comfort of my home front door, looking to the right, there is a gap between the buildings where I could see some of the fireworks from Southbank. The benefits of living locally… It’s also good to have a superzoom camera too! So thankfully I didn’t need to pay the £10 entrance fee to go and see them. :p It was pretty cold last night too – because of the heavy rain earlier.
May this year bring super happiness, good fortune and more great adventures!!!