3D Origami – Futurama, Vault Boy, Kakashi Hatake and Peppa Pig

I have loads of paper. Too much paper which I need to use up otherwise my money will be wasted… Business is now zero. I guess my friends have gone off 3D origami, but I haven’t – just haven’t thought of many projects to make.
I’ve had this idea of the Futurama characters for a while now – well since I started knitting again. Bender crept into my my mind a lot and so I had to make him first…
Finally had the time during the summer bank holiday… all was quiet and I made this. Pretty cute. I think lots of people like Bender. 

Then I made Fry just before I started making that granny square blanket for my Goddaughter. Fat Fry as Mr Games put it.

On Christmas Eve, I made Leela. She didn’t take long to make.

The Futurama models were originally for Mr Picky as a Christmas gift, but Miss Pinky thought it was practical to knit him something, so now I have to knit him something. 😦 My poor fingers, hands and arms are tired of knitting).
Before my colleague Miss Vegan took time out from work, I made Peppa Pig who was also sitting on my mind for her son. Hope he likes it!

Mr Games requested Vault Boy for Christmas (still not given to him yet :p). He is a big fan of Fallout the game, and Fallout Four came out this year – he actually took a week off to play the game (and that’s the honest truth)… ¬_¬” That’s why I call him Mr Games!! ^_^

And just yesterday I made Kakashi Hakate from Naruto at Mr Sensible’s request – also for Christmas. He likes Naruto the anime and he dressed up as Hakate for Mr Games’ birthday party. To be honest, I never heard of this character until Mr Sensible talked about him… thought he was going to be difficult to make, but actually he was very easy to make! The dark blue paper was hard to find on eBay, so I had to go onto a different website to find this shade of blue and green. Olive green paper is also hard to find! 

Thinking of other models now. What to make? What to make?!!!
p.s. Sorry for the wine bottles in the background… I had some stomach pain (probably inflamed) over Christmas – too much eating and drinking I’m guessing which resulted in no drinking during my 4 day holiday. So sad.

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