Dinky’s Hot Dogs – London Walworth Road (CLOSED – NOT SURE WHY!!)

Unfortunately they’ve closed down… so quick!

A new year, a new restaurant.

This year a hot dog joint has opened on the Walworth Road, well it opened last year during Christmas week and that’s probably not a good time to start a restaurant, now is it?! 
After what was considered a long day at work (it’s awful working alone covering for others… you actually get no rest and you’re just thinking what to do next all the time 😦 kept dreaming of a long awaited sleep)…
Dinky’s Hot Dogs have replaced a store. I forgot what the previous store was. Already had passed this on a bus and already started looking to see if there was a menu online, and WOW, they’ve already started their website!! Cool!! They are already set up on the Internet world, whereas a lot of other places wouldn’t have dreamed of doing things so quickly! 

So I went in, and I think the owner and staff member were quite surprised to see a customer enter the door. After looking and re-looking at the menu that day, I decided to go for my original plan… ^_^

I sat there for quite a while and saw people coming and going, so took a few pics whilst waiting that evening, and also started chatting to the staff member. Hmmm, I think they need some music!!

My food came out… it was kind of a slow service as there was only one till and one cook! But nevertheless it will pick up and hopefully more staff will be employed. 
Since it was Christmas, it was difficult for them to get trays to serve the food for those eating in, so we were wasting bags. Nevermind. First time restaurants will often pick up later. I hope!
So I ordered the expensive hot dogs. The beef brisket hot dog and curly fries came out first. To me it looked like there wasn’t enough beef brisket, But actually it is a lot-ish. The frankfurter sausages they use are quite big – so no weeny frankfurters are used here! Sauce in the beef brisket was not bad either. Curly fries came out hot and tasty, which I was happy with.

I looked at the drinks and saw the berry milkshake… wooo… never tried a berry milkshake before. It consists of berries (blackcurrant I think) and vanilla ice cream. Interesting! Didn’t taste bad, but it was quite thick.

Apologies for my messy ketchup :p … the one thing I wanted was the corndog! Remember I wanted to try this out in New York but couldn’t find it because they only make this stuff in the Mid-West like Texas or somewhere. ¬_¬” So I’m really happy Dinky’s have it. I took a picture of a bad side sorry. The sausage they use looks like it’s split into half, coated into their sweet batter and fried. I got two pieces so that’s fine with me. And for £1.99, that isn’t bad stuff!!! I actually liked it, although quite big.

Ok, so be surprised, I did have gastric pain still but was wearing off… and I decided to buy the pulled pork hot dog as takeaway. Heheheheheh…. Greedy Geek is still here. This wasn’t too bad. I think it was warm when I got home. I can’t remember how it tasted to be honest, but think the corndog was the winner out of all three hot dogs I have ate so far.

Total cost came to around £19. For starters I felt like I tried everything, so it was worth every penny… most of my change ended up at this place!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Friendly service
– Good prices
– Good size hot dogs
– Definitely try the corndogs and the berry milkshake!!
– Aa alternative to McDonald’s and other restaurants around the area

Bad points:
– Just need some music and probably another cook

Address: 227 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RL
Tel: 07805 071988

Website: http://www.dinkyshotdogs.com/#meltdown-tour

2 thoughts on “Dinky’s Hot Dogs – London Walworth Road (CLOSED – NOT SURE WHY!!)

  1. Do you have any idea why they closed so quickly? They were already closed by the middle of February. It doesn't seem to have been a temporary pop-up — not intentionally anyway…


  2. Really have no idea! Probably business was slow or the Jerk Chicken place decided to take back the shop. Next door looks like a promising shop to be opened soon… maybe…


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