Kam Tong Chinese Restaurant 金唐 – London Bayswater

Sorry, lazy to blog this week.
Last weekend was Miss Posh’s birthday. Happy Birthday! ^_^ And you know Miss Posh likes a good, expensive restaurant. Heheh. So where did we go? Kam Tong Chinese Restaurant 金唐 (Canto: gam tong; Mando: jin tang… meaning: Golden Tang Dynasty) which is located in Bayswater.
Sorry for angle of this pic
I must’ve passed Bayswater many times and never really noticed this little street of the second China Town in London. DaddyChef used to work around the area so knows this street quite well from back in the old days. He said Kam Tom is one of the most expensive Chinese restaurants in the area. Don’t blame them, they’re next to Hyde Park and all the “rich” peeps of London. High rent value. ¬_¬”
So I was to be there at 4 pm, and just made it a few minutes (about 10 min later, but still got told off for not being there early enough!) after Miss Posh got there. We moved our seats around, and around so that the waiters could get by… it was a little cramped but it doesn’t matter.
We sat and talked… Haven’t seen Miss Posh for months, and her life has changed with the wind dramatically as she’s now moved to Swindon!! Ugh! So far!!!! So her local pub The Shard is now a distant pub.
We were in time to order the dim sum… and we ordered some other dishes like she had done at her birthday the year before. 🙂 The waiter who took our order wasn’t impressed with Miss Posh’s ordering. He was really trying to be the cool looking Chinese guy. Hmmm. But at least he was patient with us.
Crispy BBQ Pork buns was totally different to see… Like those Chinese “pineapple buns” on top and BBQ buns at the bottom.

Spicy chicken feet is the norm.

And Pumpkin Duck? Wow! These are like those meat dumplings, but these are ultimately crispy with some spicy duck and mashed pumpkin filling inside. Was amazed at this piece. ^_^

And the normal dishes… Egg fried rice, beef stew and choi sum in oyster sauce… I think these were glistening with msg.

And lastly was the fish… Miss Posh ordered the most expensive fish. Seabass. ¬_¬” £23! It came in Thai style. Spicy but sweet… The fish was really fresh though.

In the end we were so full! Had some jasmine tea in the end… It was so hard to run for the bus… :p
Total came to £75.04. 4p? Where did that come from? Expensive Chinese food indeed!!!
My geeky rating: 5/5 – just because it was really good quality food!
Good points:
– Good quality food
– Polite-ish service (the oldies are the nice ones)
– Dim sum was great! Some different stuff that you don’t see in normal China Town
Bad points:
– Expensive!!
Address: 59-63 Queensway, London W2 4QH
Tel: 020 7229 6065