Market O Real Brownie

I have a Taiwanese friend from work who went back to Taiwan for her Christmas holiday and she also went to South Korea in between. Humph. I want to go to South Korea one day. I want to eat lots of fried chicken, spicy noodles and lots of other stuff. ^_^
She bought a lot of snacky things back and one of them is this brownie called Market O – Real Brownie. A popular Korean snack. Never seen this before!! I think I need to go around some Korean supermarkets this year and I still need to visit New Malden!!

Well it looks like a real brownie, a bit dry looking on top – dry crust I would say.

In the middle you can see a few chocolate bits. It tasted quite dry and it reminded me of eating a Hershy’s chocolate bar especially with the aftertaste. Hmmm I think the Koreans need to work on that.

Interesting-ish snack methinks. Wouldn’t buy it personally though.

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