H Mart Mini Korean Supermarket – London Tottenham Court Road

So I finally went to H Mart Mini  in Tottenham Court Road (after a morning trip to London Zoo – bought a full membership for the year, so I’ll be going there more often than usual… I’m actually excited because it gets me out of my own home when I’m bored)!
From London Zoo I took the Northern Line and got off at Goodge Street, but what I should have done was get off at Warren Street. I walked the wrong way to the top of Oxford Street and it was actually at the other end!! 😦 Took the bus all the way back downhill towards Warren Street. Exhausting… 

The bigger H Mart is located in New Malden which I have yet to find and discover. Can’t wait for that to happen!! This is a smallish store. I think this place was a newsagents so you probably can understand the size of it all. 
They blast some Korean pop music and there’s actually a rack of albums you can quickly look at and buy!

Most of the foods here you can buy in other Asian stores, but I think H Mart Mini is quite unique. They sell the flat fishcakes and Korean kitchenware… and they even sell these fishy sausages. Ugh!! Remember I tried them before – the ones I bought from Hong Kong… Bleurgh.

I bought a good £15 worth of stuff… frozen rice cakes, fishcakes, spicy ramen, dduoboki sauce… and what did I make? Rabokki – a Korean street food snack.

As well as the ingredients for the rabokki I bought refrigerated boneless fried chicken. Yaaaay!! ^_^ So happy!!

I even bought a water bottle that you see in some Korean restaurants. For some reason I wanted one of those for a while. Now I know!

Think I’ll be coming here from time to time. ^_^

Address: 115 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 5AH