Hoo Hing 和興 Chinese Supermarket – London Mitcham

So far, my week off has been ok apart from the wind and rain.
Next stop during the weekend was to go to one the branches of this Chinese supermarket Hoo Hing 和興 (Canto: wo(r) hing; Mando: he xing). I went with MummyGeek who says she’s been here before (but she doesn’t even remember how she got there!). 
We took the Northern Line on the tube and headed to Colliers Wood. Then we took the bus 152 which headed straight there. This world is small because I actually bumped into a colleague of mine who lives in Mitcham. Strange. He also told us where to go as well. Lol!! Stop at Lewis Road… 6 stops I think,

Hoo Hing is a little expensive compared to the prices in China Town, but it’s the only place nearest to where I live that sells frozen cheong fun (flat rice noodles with fillings).

You can buy live crabs and lobsters in this place! Wow!!

Hoo Hing in Mitcham is like a big warehouse. Lots of freezers and lots of restaurant equipment etc.

Well if you visit make sure to check out the little restaurant they have… was too shy to go in.

Address: Bond Rd, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3EB

Website: http://www.hoohing.co.uk/