Pan & Grill – London Walworth Road

Happy 4th Birthday to this blog!

Walworth Road is forever changing with the food chain.

After a late start to the morning and a trek to Knightsbridge to try and at least get a peek at Banksy’s artwork opposite the French Embassy, I was met with disappointment… so onwards back home. 😦 Politics and workmen always destroy street art! Might just go and find some more works down Shoreditch. 
Anyway. Once upon a time there was an internet cafe I used to go to before internet was available in my home. The internet cafe disappeared and it changed into a normal cafe. Then things changed and it changed into a cafe/restaurant. That place is now called Pan & Grill.

It’s amazing how this place has change from once an Internet cafe to a normal running restaurant. The layout almost reminded me of Bayroot, but this place has more lighting, it opens for breakfast and there’s a selection of different foods available. It just needs some soft music in the background to distract people from other customers.

I ordered a variety of things. I think this is a Turkish owned restaurant by the way but they do a variety of foods in this place.

Tried the starters first which was lightly battered. It had a very fresh taste to it. Didn’t have too much of the sauce that came with it but that was nice and rich.

This was a different dish. I have never seen a dish called Grape Casserole. I was very intrigued with this and so I had to try it out. Well, the grapes were a bit too sweet for this dish. The vegetables were nicely cooked and the cheese blended well with it. The grapes need a little something to go with this dish (I almost left them on the plate, but I ate them anyway)… even the owner was asking how did this dish go… This dish could change!

Cous cous came with the dish which blended well with the veggies.
I also ordered a pear dessert… wow!! This was poached in something I couldn’t even recognise. Think it might be some sort of red wine. I should have read the menu properly!! This was to die for. I could have this again!! I think this dessert will do very well. Even the fancy people might just pop in for this!

Total cost came to £19.40. That’s not bad. If this was a very fancy restaurant for the posh I’m sure they could have charged more. Very good indeed! There are many dishes, Italian, burgers, Turkish foods… You might just find something in this place.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Very friendly service
– Nice hot food
– Love the dessert… interesting

Bad points:
– Just needed some light music

Address: 302 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2TE
Tel: 020 7358 4327

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