Dum Dum Donutterie – London Brick Lane

I finally gave Mr Games’s (and Mr Sensible’s) Christmas presents one month later!! Heheh. Mr Games even treated me to a lunch at his workplace. Thank you!!
After visiting him at work, I headed off to Shoreditch to find that Donald Trump mural (picture at the very bottom of this post) and see if there were any eggs on the floor… No eggs but just a hypocrite smiling away on the panels of a construction site. Shoreditch has changed a bit… new buildings about. No doubt expensive flats to drive out the poor. Stupid government and building plans.
Amongst all of that, I came across a donut shop along Brick Lane. I think this is a shop most people have blogged about, and I thought I will give it a try. 

I got the Nutella one and the pistachio cronut. They’re priced at £3 each as takeaway. And I think it’s £3.60 when you eat in. Obviously I did a takeaway!

Wished I had this Nutella one second because this is utterly delicious!! Umai!!! The cronuts feel hard but they have a good donut edge to it and not too much croissant taste.

The pistachio had custard in it. This was nice too but I think I liked the other the best… 😀

I even made an attempt to making cronuts… but these look more like donuts with a very buttery croissant taste to it! And I think I burnt them too. >_<"" My second attempt weren't bad, but they still taste burnt…

If you get the chance, go find a cronut shop! ^_^

Website: http://dumdums.co.uk/

And here’s the Donald Trump piece by Furia139… Get those eggs out!!

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