Aero Blueberry Flavour ブルーベリーアイス味

Happy Valentine’s Day! Kiss, kiss, kiss.  ^_^ Sharing the love to everyone!!

Thought I’ll do an Aero special. I found this flavour in H Mart Mini after my Japanese class one evening. Blueberry? Aero? Japanese chocolate? Not seen this before!

So if you’re into Japanese chocolates you’ll know they’ll be individually wrapped into smaller packaging. There’s no Aero bar here!

It’s like one of those chocolate pieces you find in a box of Heroes or Roses.

Bit into one and it’s all light purple inside. Sweet blueberry flavour mixed into white chocolate and surrounded by that sweet Aero milk chocolate. Mmmmmmm. They even smell of blueberries and chocolate mixed! There is a slight milky aftertaste and it gives the mouth a dry texture.,. but otherwise quite tasty.

Can’t remember where I left the receipt so forgot the price! :p Edit: Found the receipt!! The packet cost £5.99!! 高いですね!!!Expensive isn’t it!!!

Well if you want to surprise your loved ones or simply want to drown yourself as a singleton with chocolate (which I will not be doing), then I suggest you try these.

(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡