Yegam Korean Baked Potato Crisps – Original Flavour

So I bought a load of Korean snacks and I thought I’ll share them on this blog. 😀 It’s been too long, haven’t shared many snacks recently… haven’t gone on holiday for a while, but will be in less than 2 weeks time! Yay!!
Haven’t tried these Korean Baked Potato crisps before. Bought these in Centre Point Food Store in New Oxford Street… Hadn’t been there for a long while!

They’re sealed into a foil bag and so the crisps are stacked on top of each other. Just like Pringles and any tube crisps.

They’re are crinkle cut. The taste is a bit funny, a bit like Pringles Original but they try to add a sweet baked potato kind of taste – does this make sense? I don’t think it does… you will need to try it out. Very hard to describe!!

I didn’t get the receipt from this place, so I really don’t remember the price. I think it was less than £2. Worth a try if you’re into strange crisps.

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