Super Comic Con @ London Excel Centre 2016

Yatta!! Before I move back to some more Korean snacks, I’m going to sidetrack to this weekend’s events.^_^
Miss Pinky suggested we go to Super Comic Con (I already knew about it, but didn’t book it because I’m going on holiday next week… wahahahaha!!). So I said ok, we haven’t been out for a long time together… Mr Picky and Baby B also joined us, so it was more like a family day out with the Godmother. Lol!!

There was almost a problem printing off the tickets before we went (because I entered the wrong email address for Miss Pinky) but that was quickly resolved… On the day itself, I woke up late ¬_¬” but managed to get to their home by 9.45am! However, Miss Pinky and Baby B weren’t ready to go!!! Uh oh. So we spent about 45 minutes getting each other ready… The journey itself was a nightmare, Miss Pinky got off the wrong level when we got to Canning Town sparking a furious Mr Picky, uh oh… But when we finally got there we all seemed to have calmed down and sort of became normal again. Hmmm, I don’t know how we’re going to cope in the future with holidays, I think it might turn out to be like this trip, and this is only in London. :p

So before we went into the event itself, we had to get tagged. In a separate area we queued with our pre-paid tickets… it was going so fast! Faster than Hyper Japan! Baby B got in for free (she’s almost 5 months old!) but also had to be tagged. Lol.

Everywhere we went we saw people in their costumes, us normal people weren’t worthy… :p

How I wished to have sat on this throne from Game of Thrones but it cost £5 to have your picture taken.

From this point onwards are lots of pictures… Miss Pinky was saying who all the characters were…. whaaaat? She is such a Sci-Fi addict!!! I DID NOT know how much Sci-Fi she watched!! I’m not worthy of coming to this convention without a true fan. Even Mr Picky was naming a few…. woah, I am out of touch with the other world of science fiction.

Don’t worry Baby B was not crying, and Mr Picky was not in grief, but Miss Pinky was definitely happy!
Edited with PhotoScape …

Game of Thrones characters…!! (Yes, I was converted to liking this HBO series from 2-3 years ago).

I am currently watching The Arrow series… I love the show.

Do you know how much this cost me? £11!!! Ugh. Well I didn’t spend a penny at the convention, so it worth it.

Miss Pinky got scared of these creepy peeps… LOL!!!

All the men were eyeing this lady… hmmm… I wonder why. Mr Picky was happy too… :p

It was time to leave but we saw a lot of photo shoots happening outside the convention. Reminds me of Hyper Japan all over again. ^_^

Well if you missed this one, there is the normal comic con in May.

But Super Comic Con, you were AMAZING!!!


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