Taekyung Topoki and Noodle Cup (Rabboki)

Continuing with some more Korean snacks!! Just a few more days until the holiday…!! Yay!!
So. I bought these rather interesting pot noodle lookalikes in H Mart Mini. They looked funny and interesting with the characters on the labeling. 

I can’t read Korean yet, so I looked at the pictures diagrams. These pots are actually a bit like rabokki (rice cakes and noodles mixed together with a sauce).

I tried the blacked bean sauce pot rabokki first…
So this was what was in the pot: rice cakes, noodles, sauce pack and a plastic fork.

You put the rice cakes in first.

Then the noodles and then the sauce… then

Add 80cc of hot water (or maybe it’s cold… don’t know)…

Then wait for 3 minutes and 30 seconds??? Uh… Nope… You’re supposed to microwave it!!! Ugh. I don’t have a microwave at home. >_<"" I ate this anyway. Bleugh.

So wanted to enjoy this with this Scarlet Soju… 😛

So I tried this spicy rabokki at work, this time I used the microwave.

Ta-daaa… this is what it’s supposed to look like… It doesn’t look much, but does fill a tiny hole in your stomach. No doubt I had more food after this!! >_<""

It’s worth a try if you’re looking for the tiniest microwave Korean snack. But I don’t think I’ll but this again.

Rabokki cup cost £1.99 each… expensive.
Scarlet Soju cost £5.99.

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