Haitai Ddukbokki Crisp Snack

Back to blogging!!!!
Have to show you this last Korean snack I bought before going on holiday. This is a crisp version of the famous spicy rice cakes,,, ddukbokki crisp snack from Haitai.
The first bite wasn’t spicy… maybe after the fifth or sixth bite I got to taste the spiciness but generally it’s quite a sweet snack. 
Does it remind of the original stuff? Not really. My version of ddukbokki is more spicy and less sweet. Shop version is usually more sweet and less spicy… It has a slight toughness because of the heavily coated sugary substance added in… but sorry folks, apart from the flavour, definitely not like ddukbokki.
I think I got this snack at Centre Point in New Oxford Street. Didn’t cost too much. ^_^ 
Happy snacking!