Back to Marseille 2016 – Day 1 and 2: Where did the sun go?

Day 1 – Saturday 27th February
Has it been a year since I’ve been on a holiday abroad? Yes it has.
This was a very much needed break as my stress levels were increasing and I needed to get out of London.
I had booked this holiday to see the Travels Family in November of last year (that’s how much I needed this holiday!!) with easyJet. Book early and the tickets are cheaper. ^_^
It was a good start to the day, I slept early and woke up early. Was out the door by 10 am, and then waiting at London Bridge for my fast train to Gatwick Airport. I bought the cheap ticket for £7.90. :p
Got to Gatwick in a flash! And then realised I’m booking in, in a different part I’ve never been to before… It seems easyJet have let a lot of staff go, because now there are self check-ins, and it’s AMAZING! I really LOVE it!! >_<""
So checked in, passed security, didn’t get checked this time, I think I managed to add all my liquids stuff into the plastic bag, and I had no belt too (I was wearing a dress!). Sat down, and decided what to eat… I saw McDonald’s in the distance, but just before I entered I saw Wagamama’s… Uh oh… that spells trouble for me. So I went into Wagamama’s and had a bowl of spicy beef ramen. Heheh.
It was almost time to find the gate, so I went to the loo and the gate number appeared afterwards… Walked mega fast to the gate, but there were already people there! Faster than me!!! Wooow… Luckily when I was boarding they were asking for rows 1 – 10 and speedy boarding passengers to board first. Lucky!
I sat next to a French couple, and the flight was full… Unfortunately there were some people at the back who just could not stop talking during take off and landing. It was painful till I decided to listen to some music. 
The flight was a short one thankfully, but when we got the off the plane, the weather in Marseille Provence Airport was extremely bizarre!! I always seem to bring the cold weather to France. 😦 It was windy and raining heavily. So sad… I battled through the weather and got to the other side quite  quickly (better than last year). Then I had to take a taxi to Port-de-Bouc. The Travels family couldn’t pick me up this time… The taxi ride cost me €64 (~£50). Not bad! 
Up in the skies

My plane with people returning back to England
Then it was now full steam ahead to our next destination, a theatre! Missy I and Miss S were performing in a dance show. Wow!!!
We arrived on time, and it was a first come first served seating… a little different to a normal show, I would say… 

Interval time with a pizza slice ^^

It was an extremely entertaining show seeing locals perform and dance almost like some professionals. ^_^ Well done!! And well done to Missy I and Missy S. They did really well. 
It was time to go back… an exhilirating start to my week’s holiday.
Grandma Travels (Mr Travel’s mother) made this cake
End of Day 1.

Day 2 – Sunday 28th Februrary
Sunday was spent with a short lie in for everyone.
Mr Travels said I should go to this fish market display which is about 4 stops away via train, but I missed the train and the buses!! Oh dear.
So I went back to the Travels family home, and stayed in for the rest of the day. It was cold and windy anyway… Where did the sun go?!!
Some large cous cous for lunch to battle the cold weather!
End of Day 2.

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