Back to Marseille 2016 – Day 4: Aix-en-Provence

Tuesday 1st March
It was another early start to the day. Get up. Wash. Drink coffee and eat breakfast. Then get into the car for the school run… Oh the joys of parenthood and dropping kids off to school in time and on time. It’s hard for everyone. The parents and the children!
Then back into Port de Bouc, Mrs Travels and I took our time that morning as we had already bought my tickets the day before when I went to Arles.
Mr and Mrs Travels kept talking about X this and X that… where is X? It’s actually spelt Aix and pronounced as X… Ooooo. I had no idea what they were talking about till I sat and had a look at some pictures of the area.
So, my train was just after 10am from Port de Bouc. It was an hours journey to Marseille St Charles station and then I had to change from there to Aix en Provence. As I had a little time before my second train I took some pictures of the city centre… It was nice day, calmer, sunnier and much warmer than the day before…

My train came after 12pm and went to my platform…
It was around a 40 minute train ride and so I took some pictures on the train… aaah, looks so warm outside…

Even Domo-kun from Japan enjoyed the view!

Arrived in Aix around 1pm… I basically had no idea where I was going, so I was going back and forth into and out of the station seeing if anyone could help, but no, so I followed some signs.

Got to this round-a-bout, and I was confused, so I used Google Maps to find my way to see if there was a market nearby…

In the end I went to the tourist office… looks massive! They said the market had closed when I arrived, so too bad. Maybe next time… so I went around the back streets and had a look around the area.

In Aix, there’s a lot of fountains! The area reminded me a of Paris, so I walked around the area.

Since I had loads of time, I went to this 17th Century house with a garden… I thought it would be grand but nothing much. There were a few people already there enjoying the sun and quiet life… It is a university town after all… Like going to Cambridge or Oxford…

After this, I went to find something to eat. There was a sushi place but I think it was closing in a few moments, so I decided on a baguette…
The person at this place was probably a bit nervous as my limited French seemed to intimidate him. My god… really? But anyway, I managed to order this baguette and get myself a coffee… I was hungry!!! Didn’t finish the baguette but at least it was a cheap lunch at around €7-8 (£5-6).

I went back around the area, exploring more and more of the back streets.

I think this was a mini Asian town…

At this point, I think I was going round and round in circles trying to find the park… so I gave up, and went back towards the centre.

I decided to go back to Port de Bouc early than expected… felt a bit bored of exploring… When I arrived back to Marseille St Charles Station, it was just after 5pm… and then I snuck a McDonald’s in before eating dinner at The Travels… :p Sorry… I had to…

End of Day 4.

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