Back to Marseille 2016 – Day 5 and 6: Rest Days

Wednesday 2nd March
Wednesday was more like a rest day, plus it was a half day for Missy I and Missy S. French schools seem to be lucky with this sort of system. Their education seems to be much better than the primary schools in England, they seem to learn more with languages, math, history etc., etc., thankfully as Mrs Travels said to me that they’re not using iPads and such technologies to teach children as it ruins the whole point of learning. Handwriting is important and learning the essentials is a must. Much advanced still… I think when I was their age at 7 and 8, I was still playing, learning maths, drawing a lot and was terrible at English grammar… they didn’t really teach I must say! Majority of my learning English was watching TV and reading a lot (my parents didn’t speak to me in English, which is probably a good thing because I wouldn’t have learnt Cantonese that way :D). To this day I think I’m still learning English by learning other languages… Did teachers in my day talk about what an adjective, noun or verb is…? ¬_¬”” No. 
So what Mrs Travels and I did, with Missy A in tow was walk around the school area… we walked for about 2 hours along the coastal line, it was a bit windy but I think Mrs Travels was exhausted by the time we sat down.

So we sat in cafe that I went to the year before and had a coffee and chocolate spread waffle. Yummy!!

Mrs Travels let me pick up the girls. Missy I is quite cool and calm before she goes out the school gates. Miss S is so excited to get out! Lol!! Such different characters from when they were babies… and then it was time to travel back…

Then suddenly (actually it was Mr Travels idea the night before) I took the girls to their nearby dance class, so I decided to go and sit around their local beach area… but it got windy, and then it started to rain. Huh! Where did this weather come from?!

This meant I needed to go back… and then ended shopping for family and friends (all the items are made in China… sorry peeps). XD … by the way, I seem to be asked a lot by local French people about directions!! Huuuuuh!!! Pourquoi! (Why?!)

We had raclette that night! How I love raclette… just melting the cheese and pouring it onto my potatoes and toasted bread. Yummy!

End of Day 5.

Thursday 3rd March
The night before Missy I asked where was I going next… I said I’m going to the market in Port de Bouc and then do nothing after that. And that’s exactly what I did!

The market in Port de Bouc only runs on certain days… and I think finishes around 1pm.

We had pizza that night! Thanks Mrs Travels for making these…!! I think I need to start making my own bases and try making my own pizzas. 😀

End of Day 6.

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