Back to Marseille 2016 – Day 7: Avenue du Prado Market

Friday 4th March

One last school and one last market to go to. ^_^ It was almost a drastic morning with starting the car, a raisin stuck in the car belt was making us late!! Arrrggggh!! I hate school runs…!!! Although I think I held my composure quite well that morning. Plus I was getting tips about driving from Mrs Travels everyday… so I was pretty much composed.
Mr Travels said I should go to one more market before I leave. The market is called Avenue du Prado Market where you can get a lot of bargains – like cheap clothes, perfume and all sorts. So after the school run, Mrs Travels, Missy A and I went to the school’s nearest train station Sausset Les Pins (one of the rich/classy areas in Marseille). We bought my ticket (forgot the cost, but it wasn’t too bad). 
Mrs Travels and I took Missy A to the nearby play area… I sat on the small swing hoping it won’t break since it’s for children. Heheh… My train was around 10.14am, so we departed ways… however I got stuck! I didn’t know how to get to the other side of the platform!!! I thought I had to walk over the bridge, but no, you have to walk across the tracks like you would do in Texas. Ooooo. 

It was a shorter ride but still felt long getting to St Charles Station. From the station which I feel I know very well now I took the escalators to the Metro. Got my ticket (the 24 hour one) and then took the line going to Perier. From this station, I started walking to the right heading to Rond Pont du Prado. Then I started getting lost as usual. 😦 So I used Google Maps, but they don’t know where the market is! So I walked around the back streets and asked a few people in French where the market is… Finally I asked some people outside a restaurant and friendly person spoke to me in English… then said the market will be closing at 12… Arrrgggh!! I did a crazy walk heading back towards Perier Station. Why didn’t I go the other way?!

Well the crazy walk did me well, because the market was still open!! It’s there till 1pm. Mr Travels forgot to tell me which way to go!! Anyway I headed towards the market, the other side of the road is a flower market. I got a few bargains like perfume for €2! And it smelled nice!! Wow! I do recommend Avenue du Prado Market if you’re searching for cheap touristy things. Even the locals go there.

I realised when I reached the end of the market that I could have got off at this station Castellane and the market is in front of you. 😦

I was hungry as I didn’t have much for breakfast, so I went to the recommended restaurant – Mr Travels choice. I went to Quick. A French fast food restaurant. The bun was toast with a burger, cheese and salad. My server didn’t speak English, but at least I managed to order some food. She was a bit slow and flirting too much with the guys in front. Blaaaah. ^_^ Quick has free wi-fi by the way, so if you’re desperate for an internet connection, then go for a “quick” lunch. :p

I went back through the market, and bought a few more things… gosh… the market people move quickly. It was exactly 1pm, and lots of people had already gone.
I went back to Perier Station and returned back to St Charles. Then decided to walk around. 
I needed a loo stop and a dessert stop, so I ended up near View Port. Had a dessert feast!! 😀 I think they were making fun of me, but I didn’t care… Just needed the loo!! But make sure you pay first.

Next was another walk around and just a sit down to soak in some sun. I did get a face tan after this holiday which I’m pleased about. 😀

Found a fruit market near the station.

It was time to head back to the station. Wanted to get back to Port de Bouc and rest.
I really, really hate the stairs at the station. So much climbing. This was in preparation for my Easter Break destination which I’m no longer going to – change of destination. Mr Travels thought I wasn’t going to take the stairs, but I did! Hah!

I sat around the station for a few minutes with a fresh drink. It was really warm that day. Then the platform number was shown… 
I forgot to say, when travelling, if you have one of those long tickets, make sure you stick your ticket into the yellow machine. Got told off on one journey for not doing this! I will always remember now. 
Unfortunately I sat behind a couple who would not stop talking in broken Chinese-French (Chinese woman and a French man). So annoying, so talkative! Stick earphones on. Also take pictures. During the journey, I think I came across a refugee with no identification and no train ticket and the train officer who tried to get more information from him… was he a refugee or maybe a travelling gypsy? I don’t think I will ever know.

Returned back to Port de Bouc and was actually surprised Mr Travels was back early. Did he say he was coming back early? Can’t remember…

For dinner we made sushi!! Missy I doesn’t like seaweed, and Missy S is not fussed. Mr and Mrs Travels were greedily eating. Hahaha.

And for dessert we had mini cakes. Yaaaayyy!! And I somehow got the alcoholic ones (by default).

It was a good adventurous day. So happy I made this last trip. ^_^

End of Day 7.