Back to Marseille 2016 – Day 8: Homeward Bound

Saturday 5th March

My last day. So sad to be going already. I had a fun time getting up early (which I don’t normally do for some reason) but thankfully the Travels family let me have a lie in. But we all seemed to have woken up by 8.30 am! >_<""

Well breakfast was served! Mr Travels decided to add a baguette to my picture but don’t worry, I didn’t eat this… :p

Before leaving, Mrs Travels really wanted time out… woow!! I guess family life can be stressful. I become like that sometimes and just really want time alone. Have my own space. Which is why most of my friends give me freedom to do things.

Anyway, Mrs Travels and I went out shopping in the market in Port de Bouc… I bought more clothes. Arrrgh!! Hopefully the weather will get better and I will wear them. Then we went to their local library where Mr Travels and the girls were – playing and reading. Their local library is really big… I actually am quite jealous!

Well it was time to go back to their home, finish packing (and they gave me chocolates and extra coffee! Thanks!). Missy S seemed upset I was going… awww… In the past she was the hardest to cheer up. Always so shy compared to Missy I. 
Mr Travels dropped me off to the bus stop as it would have been a journey for them to the airport and back. So I now have experienced a taxi and bus journey! The bus stop is in Martigues, near the tourist office). The bus stop is called Hotel de Police, and runs quite regularly. The journey to Marseille MP2 costs €4.30 (£3.36). Not bad. Cheaper than a taxi… it’s too bad I missed the bus when I arrived. 

It was an hours journey to the airport… just make sure you keep your bus ticket because it’s likely a ticket officer will be checking (which happened to me, and I had to empty my pockets to find it!).

I arrived at the airport with a heavy suitcase, and made my way towards the bigger building to have some lunch… I actually wanted that beef burger baguette I had the year before, but I think this years one was a bit boring, not enough sauce, and not appetizing enough. 😦 Boooo.

So I checked in after 3pm. There was a Manchester flight before the London flight, which was delayed… Our flight was delayed too by 15 minutes. It didn’t seem like a busy flight, but I sat next to two other women. I think it was their first time flying… I think there were a lot of first time fliers that day. Lots of students. I don’t think the flight attendants were too keen on us as there were a lot of French speaking passengers. No French alerts on the plane either. Hmmmm. That complicated things. 
During the flight I took a lot of in the air pics… the sun was setting… ^_^ I think you all must know by now how I’m a lover of the sunrise and sunset. It’s a geek thing. ¬_¬”

Well I landed in Gatwick after 6pm. I rushed to the passport check and decided to use the automatic gates… It was complicated, but I eventually got out. 
Arrived home after 8pm with my broken suitcase – time for a new suitcase!!!
Hope to go in the summer next year… just hope the weather is good… 

End of Day 8 and holiday.

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