Kit Kat – Pancake Flavour パンケーキ風味~~Happy Easter!!~~ /(・ × ・)\/(^ x ^)\

It’s my birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! I’m actually off to a wedding later this morning, so this is a short post of another Kit Kat I bought in Japan Centre last week.

So this packet is a special edition just for Easter. The flavour is Pancake パンケーキ風味. It cost me £7.45 for the 12 mini pieces. Ah that’s cheap compared to the other flavours. (Unfortunately they’re sold out online, so try and go to the shop and see if there’s any left).

They come in these cute packets…

Not sure if you can see the bunny shaped face they’ve made on the top of the Kit Kat bar. They’ve thickened part of the chocolate bar to make the face.

Well, it smells like very sweet, toasting pancakes… it’s almost as if you were there in the morning making them. 

And yes, I’m wearing shocking blue nail varnish… that’s for the wedding later today, it’s to match my bag. :p

Well I sure liked these Kit Kat bars. Will I share them? Maybe, just maybe… or maybe not. 😉

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