An African Affair @ Addington Palace

Have you ever wondered what an African wedding would be like in a palace? An English palace (really it’s a manor turned into palace)?
Well you’re about to find out in this post…
Miss Pinky’s cousin decided to get married on my birthday (Good Friday) this year. Was a tiny bit upset with that, but the groom and friends and my own colleagues said it will be fun to celebrate with a bunch of other people… I have a party, cake and will be surrounded by lots of people. Alright, they convinced me it would be a great day.
The day started EARLY, like 7am early. 😦 Whhhy!!! Ate breakfast and then had to do my makeup (gosh that took me ages, since I don’t normally wear makeup). I rushed to Miss Pinky’s (who was already at the venue from the night before), and everyone else was hardly ready! Miss Pinky, you said to get out by 9.30am… >_<"" No one was ready… so we left after 10.30am after knowing who was going into which car… Unfortunately our car was late for the ceremony due to a turned over truck in Tulse Hill and other unfortunate mis-directions… 😦 Oh well, Miss Pinky's cousin is a perfectionist. So she must start on time!
The ceremony was over an hour long, so I went around and took pictures. The golf part was just opposite, but I didn’t take a pic of that. 

They finally came out, and there was more picture taking, small snacks and some cocktails, plus some light music. ^_^ There were around 600 guests invited, but don’t know how many people turned up.

After all that picture taking, Baby B and her cousin needed a nappy change, a feed and all of us actually needed a rest in between…

The rest of the celebrations took place in the tent where there were more speeches, dancing and gradually some food – thanks Miss Pinky for giving me a good selection! Mr Picky was obviously being picky and I took some of his food. Hahah.

Mr Picky had the cheek to ask me to get a dessert for him… I returned back with two platefuls! ^_^
It’s been an interesting wedding. In fact it’s a Sierra Leone and Nigerian wedding… A mixed African culture affair, but all went well!
Miss Pinky’s Cousin with her family
Note for Miss Pinky and Mr Picky: Don’t hold a big wedding. I won’t be doing a speech if you do! :p
Anyway, if you want to hold a wedding in this palace, then check out their website. But make sure you’re out of there by 11pm!! 

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