BABYMETAL Concert 2016 (Japanese) @ Wembley SSE Arena

Woah. Get the Gothic Geek out for this special concert (on April 2nd). >_<" So before I post about my Easter Break in Wales, I think it would be best (and for the Metal-fans) to get this post out of the way!
The old geeky ears have come out to listen to some heavy metal (I’ll be back on to K-pop and all that soon).
BABYMETAL, if you didn’t know, is a Japanese girl band who sing and dance to a “softer” version of heavy metal music. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Tried to explain it to Miss Vegan, and she kind of tried to get it into her head on what on Earth am I going to?! It’s J-pop (Japanese pop) mixed with heavy metal hence the name BABYMETAL! They came out in 2014 as a sub group to another J-pop girl band called Sakura Gakuin, who are still active.
The heavy metal band consists of three girls Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto), Yui-metal (Yui Mizuno) and Moa-metal (Moa Kikuchi). Not sure what got me into them. I think I was looking for gothic Japanese music as the Japanese girls and boys are really into Lolita style music. Listening to Die Milch at Hyper Japan got me into this stuff!
So I got to SSE Arena around 7.30pm. Lots of people were still making their way in, purchasing goods and just walking around taking pictures… By the time I got in and took my seat, the DJ before the show was half way through his show…

After the DJ, it felt like a long, long, looooong wait before BABYMETAL entered….

They started around 8.45pm, 15 minutes later than planned. 😦 But it was a great start to the show. (See my first video)

They sang BABYMETAL Death first… (I’ve added English subs – testing my ability to add subtitles!!)…. Unfortunately I received a Copyright Strike on the video I uploaded on YouTube… Not re-uploading. Hmmm, the Japanese are really, really strict on copyright law. Sorry fans. Not risking the chance of getting my channel banned – although it’s mostly concert videos… Await for “good standing” position till October! :p Boo to copyright!! 
From here onwards I took a lot of pictures. I was quite a distance away, but managed some really good close up shots. I used my trusty small Sony G-compact camera (that has a 30x optical zoom – sorry geek moment!! >.<""). They did a lot of poses and stopped in between which made them great for picture taking!! Yaaaay!!!

They didn’t do a lot of costume changes which I think is a good thing… all the concerts I go to have LOOOTS of costume changes. >_< … anyway, hope all the fans are happy with these pictures and had enjoyed the night. I think they did… I sat next to a couple who could not stop laughing… and the other side a man who I think wanted to break loose… hahahahahaha, and next to him was a young boy who likes heavy metal… ¬_¬"… Seriously, who let that kid in?
Here is just one short video (without copyright issues!). Unfortunately 3 of my videos (now 4) were blocked by YouTube because of copyright issues… so if you know how I can bypass this, please let me know and I will gladly re-upload somewhere! 

I had a fun night out on Saturday. Just seeing a wide range of ages liking Japanese cute heavy metal was awesome!
ありがとうございました!! Thank you BABYMETAL!! (And copyright infringement f-ing sucks! – Geek-heavymetal has come out to speak!)

Official Website:

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