Crochet Bag, Little Sweetie Dress, a Bib AND a Sleeveless Cardigan

One has been a busy Geek crocheting for her life.
Started on a project a couple of months ago which I thought I would never finish.,, a bag for Mrs Hen! It’s her birthday in about two weeks so I thought it would be best to start early. 
I made 18 squares, one side was all corner to corner squares, and the other was all sunburst flower style. Used 3 types of yarn all bought from B&M Stores on the Old Kent Road.

Bought some creamy looking lining and sewed the endings then sewed it into the bag. That took forever! Then I crocheted in the handles by adding a small extension of the white yarn onto the top and then pulling it over through the handle’s gaps. Just hope Mrs Hen likes it. ^_^ Took me a month to complete.

Since I had some leftover yarn, thought I could try out the Little Sweetie Dress for a 2 year old designed by Red Heart… Pretty easy! But I didn’t do the edging. Too lazy. Think it might be a bit too big for Baby B… 

Miss Pinky said she was running out of bibs… constantly being cleaned… so I attempted an easy version of a mini bib… Have to make big ones now!

Miss Pinky also mentioned she needed more cardigans, so I attempted this pattern which said it would take 2 and half hours, but it took me 5 and a half hours!!!! It’s such a pretty cardi. ^_^

Spring is almost coming to an end, so happy I took a picture of this before the stormy weather on Monday. Happy British Summer!! Rain, rain and more rain to come methinks.