B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour London Awake @ The Coronet, Elephant and Castle

It’s been more than a decade and less than 20 years since I’ve been inside the Coronet. It was once a cinema in my childhood and teen days before it closed down but returned for live music shows and nightclubbing. I think that was what it was originally used for in the late 1800’s as the original seating is similar to the theatres we see in the West End.
When I saw a social media post saying that B.A.P (Best. Absolute. Perfect) was going to perform at the Coronet, I was in shock. A South Korean boy band performing right next door to me. Whaaaat!?! So as soon as tickets were available, I bought a seat ticket ASAP… To be honest I am more of a Super Junior fan but had to go and see these guys and give them some blogging support especially because they’re in my neighbourhood. ^O^ Shouldn’t really be surprised since they first performed in Brixton Academy! They are truly the bad boys of the Korean boy bands. LOL!! 

B.A.P consists of 6 boys, all from South Korea: Bang Yong-guk, Kim Him-chan, Jung Dae-hyun, Yoo Young-jae, Moon Jong-up and Choi Jun-hong… When I first listened to them a few years back I thought they’ll be a typical boy band, but they’ve turned out differently. More rap and less sweet. Warrior and No Mercy are my two fave songs from them. The sweet boy band doesn’t suit them…
I left home around 7pm when the doors were about to open, I thought the crowd of fans would have been let in by the time I got there, but they weren’t!! OMG…

I kept walking and walking and finally found the end of the queue, but I think I accidentally jumped the queue which went all the way around the entrance of Elephant and Castle Tube Station. It was a long queue, and the very first time I’ve ever had to queue this long. People travelling home were probably wondering what the heck we were queuing for?! B.A.P is who we were queuing for! Not PSY who the British population seem to think is the only popular South Korean musician. SIGH. Get with it Britain. ¬_¬”” 

It’s actually gotten cold after one nice weekend of hot weather, so we all kind of queued in coldish weather… But finally got in. When I got in after a small security check, went up the stairs to the seating area… the decor has not changed one bit! Everything is how I had remembered it from back in the old days.
I sat in a seat in my row… but I think someone had taken my seat, never mind, I was not that fussed but it was just the two girls who sat in front were blocking parts of my view. Thankfully I’m not B.A.P’s biggest fan, otherwise I would have been annoyed. :p Seating on the row above us was a little confusing…You know what, MANAGEMENT at the Coronet need to invest in seating numbers, like silver plaques on the seats!! Save us the confusion!!! 

Security were nice enough to tell us the show was going to start at 8.15pm (likely because there were still more people to come in). 

The show started at 8.15pm and girls were screaming their heads off. Non-stop. My ears have become old and sensitive. And I can’t stand screaming girls anymore… Here’s their first song… Warrior.
So here’s a lot of pictures of the night… I did take a few videos but because of the YouTube strikes I will upload one and see how it goes with the copyright. My view wasn’t great as I mentioned earlier, so I did my best at capturing the best moments.

The night consisted of a lot of confetti, smoke, hip thrusting, screaming teenage girls, lots of rap, beaming lights and sweat! It was a good night and it was unbelievable on the amount of girls who knew the words to their songs. Ok, not that unbelievable as I know a lot of Super Junior songs. Hahahah. I think I was the only local who went to this concert as I managed to walk home without a crowd following me. ^_^
They’re off to Poland now, then Germany and finally Russia before they head back to Asia… Hope to see them again next year!