Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley

I’m on a diet, I know, but I couldn’t resist eating a chocolate bar (and eating other naughty snacks) which I did confess to my colleague Miss Vegan a day or two later. ¬_¬”” … Anyhow I have lost 4kg in about 5-6 week just by eating fewer carbs, and little exercise – apart from the Box Hill hike ^_^ … but been told to tone my arms a bit ¬_¬#. Not funny!
This Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley bar looked intriguing. Looked as if there were going to be lots of filling with biscuits and fudge.

So the top looked smooth and the bottom of the bar had all the biscuit and fudge showing… not a great looking bar!

I ate the whole bar in one sitting as it was already melting away… I would say there was nothing too special with the biscuit and the fudge. Could taste more chocolate than anything else… 

Chocolate bar is so-so. :p

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