Guest Post: Food in the Bermuda (Pictures from Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak)

Finally I got someone to do a sort of guest post on my blog!! Yay!! But I’m doing all the typing (with a bit of copying and pasting). :p
Well, it’s going to be a food post. Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak if you remember is my friend who I met through Mandarin classes a few years back, way before I started Japanese classes. Nowadays he works, sword fights and goes on many trips. LOL!
This year so far Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak went to Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory). I didn’t even know he was going. Shame on me for accepting a hotel tour invitation instead of meeting up with him and Miss LǜFù for Czech food. ^_^ Anyway, I was a little shocked when he started sending me pics a couple of weeks ago. I remembered telling him last year to send me food pics from Ukraine, which he did but I didn’t post… Little info was provided or fewer pics were provided and he wouldn’t do the write up.

So, here he is at the White Horse Pub, he started off showing me a pic of a cherry coke, with an actual cherry on top. ^_^

A rib eye steak came with that, which didn’t seem too foreign… US$32.95. Exp.

This is Bangers and Mash which I replied back and said “This is not unique”. But what restaurant in England would serve bangers and mash these days… hmmm. Interesting thought. US$18.95. Exp too.

This was his pudding… ice cream with chocolate sauce and cream!

Next (I think this was around dinner time) he showed me a Toad in the Hole dish… ¬_¬ It’s basically sausages in a Yorkshire pudding. LOL! Ok, I don’t see this often. US$19.95.

What is this? He said it was Cheesy Chicken. ¬_¬ Looks like curry chicken. US$19.95.

Burger Pizza at the Swinn Inn came up the next day! This isn’t a unique dish from Bermuda!!! It cost him US$17. Expensive.

This is KFC food… OMG! No price stated.

On this day he said “I’ve got sunburnt feet and legs from a kayak trip this morning…”. His friend had the Aberdeen Angus Strip Steak… Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak… this food is getting boring… US$26.

But then I got this pic of Pam Fried Red Hind… Looks yummy! US$33.

Ummmm, and now the desserts… they look yummy! Chocolate Bread Pudding and Rum Custard. US$8.

Chocolate Terrine. US$7½ ($7.50 I think he meant).

Next he had fish and chips priced at US$22.95!
WTH!! I had fish and chips that day too but that only cost me £4 something!! Bermuda has expensive dishes!

Beef Brisket in a Yorkie. No price stated. Wonder what the British would have nicknamed that…

Chicken Nuggets and Fries, again no price stated… Please don’t tell me, it was probably priced at US$10. >_<"

And finally Pulled pork priced at US$10.25. Looks yummy, but the Americans would have made it cheaper!

Well, it looks like I won’t be heading to the Bermuda Triangle anytime soon… Food is painfully expensive. 
And thank you Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak for sharing your pictures, and making me do all the write up! :p