Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen 삼양 불닭 볶음면

>_< Hot spicy stir fried noodles needed!
Saw these being presented and eaten on a YouTube video by Kinoshita Yuka (a Japanese fanatic eater) and I had to try them out. I’m astounded by the amount she can eat in one sitting, whereas I could only eat a smaller portion of what she has. I’m normal. A normal eating geek.
Well, I found the noodles in China Town and bought a few packets to see what they tasted like.

So, cooked normally and placed into my bowl. The amount of noodles looks so small without the water… Placed in the sauce and topping on top.

Mixed it well… and then had my first noodle slurp… It wasn’t that spicy… until…

I added Japanese Kewpie mayo and slurped more… my, my, it’s really spicy, can’t remember if I could even taste anything else!! I added more mayo (like the Japanese do) to try and tone down the spiciness. It somewhat was ok

This is probably one of the most spiciest Korean ramens I’ve ever tried! I even bought more today because I like them so much. Hahahahaha!!
A pack of 5 was £3 something in Sun Loon Moon Supermarket in China Town… and in the confectionery shop a few doors down it is £1.20 per packet….

Try if you dare!

p.s. I took the spicy ramen challenge ^_^ … didn’t know this was a super popular ramen