Studio 6 Restaurant – London Gabriel’s Wharf

Straight after MCM Comic Con, Miss Pinky, her uni friend (will call her Miss Laidback because she’s so laid back and I really felt I’ve known her for years) and I went back, took the dog out, returned Baby B to Mr Picky and went back out along to South Bank. 
Miss Pinky and I are used to walking (but Miss Pinky needs to get fit before she goes back to work :p)… Miss Laidback had noticed we walk a lot in London! Why?! Because it’s somewhat faster when you’re stuck in traffic, and owning a car in London is treacherous.
It was a nice afternoon, and I think all of us were hungry, so we walked towards Gabriel’s Wharf, which is located between Waterloo and London Bridge. I forgot Gabriel’s Wharf was so cool with their mini shops and small cafes. Must go there when I have nothing to do. We browsed amongst the places that were still opened that Sunday… and we rested upon Studio 6 Restaurant, but we had to wait and see if they would accept the dog Poppy – thankfully they did because we really wanted to try their food!! Especially the desserts. ^_^

We sat there for a bit before we any service came to us, it actually felt forever, but they were busy that day.
Drinks, starters and main dinners were ordered in one go. Gosh, I think we were hungry. (And I think I ruined my diet that weekend… very badly – but don’t forget I passed my driving theory the day before, so it was deemed acceptable!). 

Drinks first! I wanted an Aperol Spritz, but they ran out. It’s become a very popular drink since I tried it out last year. So instead I had Pimms. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these. ^_^

Next came out slowly were the starters.
Miss Pinky had her usual calamari. The creamy mustard was served with this and I quite liked it.

I decided to also have a started, something semi-healthy. Goat’s cheese frites. They used a white beetroot which I’ve never seen before. (They actually look like small white turnips). Not many people like goat’s cheese, but it didn’t taste funny, it tasted creamy and the sauce went well with everything. Felt almost full after eating this! No way!!!

Now for the dinners.

Miss Pinky and Miss Laidback had the same dish. The duck confit. I didn’t try it because of the duck fat… plus it didn’t look much. Miss Laidback enjoyed it with a large glass of red wine.
Miss Pinky wanted a pic of the wine list, so if you read this Miss Pinky, the wine list is below!!!

Me? I had spinach tortellini. Trying so hard to be healthy. And I forgot this would all be pasta! Should’ve went for the fish!!! 😦 Why didn’t I have the fish? But anyway, I finished this and it was awesome, cooked well, tomato sauce wasn’t bland and the filling was just really filling.

Miss Laidback at this point was supposed to be heading back to Birmingham but decided to stay for one more evening with Miss Pinky and the gang because we all wanted to try out the desserts. 😀 I was quite happy she decided to stay.

We all decided to have different puddings. And this is Poppy trying to get a nibble of the food.

Miss Laidback had a piece of the cheesecake, supermarkets will never be able to compare to this apparently. Couldn’t get a spoon of this. Too bad. 😦

Miss Pinky had the sticky toffee pudding which was filled with alcohol. Not sure if Miss Pinky wanted this all to be alcoholic but it tasted really nice. I would’ve have had this if I didn’t have mine.

I decided I would have the crumble with custard. I haven’t had any crumble for a long time. Unfortunately it didn’t have enough crumble but I did like it. Had lots of sour berries but if it just had a bit more crumble…

Total came to £94.20  which included a second round of drinks.
They rarely do takeaways… so you must eat as much as you can or they will try and wrap it all up for you.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Tasty food
– Reasonable prices
– Very friendly staff

Bad points:
– Although food was great, service for me was slow and a bit hard to get their attention. (Taught Miss Pinky that you have to catch their eyes and wave at the same time)

Address: Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP
Tel: 020 7928 6243

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