Koya Bar こやバー – London Frith Street

I can’t believe we’re out of the EU! For my whole life, my parents, Mr Stingy and I have been in this union… what will lie ahead of us? Law changes, passport changes, no more exotic fruits and foods… it has been a depressing few days. 😦
So be it!
Introducing Koya Bar which was once called Koya. Think they’ve re-designed the place to look like an authentic noodle bar with some modern touches. I’ll give it a pass for that.
Gosh, I felt it was quite tricky finding this place as their sign is not up, and all there was to indicate this was Japanese was the front door with the blind blowing away.

I was so intrigued at this place which was already fully packed with tourists and people like me who wanted to discover something different. It’s very retro but modern. Reminds of my short time in Tokyo with a slightly bigger layout.

I didn’t know what to have, but I was aiming for any cold udon. I actually wanted to try out some dipping noodles but I thought this would be messy if I try udon as the noodles are too thick.
I ordered the Hiyashi Saba (pronounced: hee-ya-she sa-ba), which is salmon, green leaves and udon. Plus I had ordered the Kakuni which is pork belly braised in cided.
Hmmm, I think there wasn’t anything too special about the udon. I think I could’ve made this myself. The cold sauce that came with it didn’t make me go wow… The salmon was whitish – that’s the only thing that surprised me about this dish.

The hidden gem was this. The pork belly was seasoned so well and the cider was so sweet but still tasted alcoholic. It was like eating silk meat as it slivered off the bone and the fat had to be eatened (even when you’re on a diet). I wish I had more. For £6.90, I thought it was a little stingy to only give a few pieces. But nevertheless it was still tasty with the mustard paste. ^_^

Just a short post of what happened before I got to Koya Bar, The Queen was going to start her big celebrations… Roads were blocked off making my journey longer…

Well, total cost £22.40 (including an ice barley tea) which is awfully expensive. Would I go again? Only if someone asked me to go.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Authentic Japanese style food in an authentic Japanese style noodle bar
– Polite service
– Free water

Bad points:
– Expensive
– Stingy with Kakuni (I want more!)

Address: 50 Frith Street, London W1D 4SQ (No reservations)

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