Robinsons Real Fruit Adverts

It’s Wimbledon season! And to start off this season is this advert which you can find in Waterloo.
It’s not a poster, it’s actually a 3D image. You can’t see it in this picture… just keep going down.

Managed to get a close up one evening when I was meeting up with friends at the Czech Club. As you can see, there’s a lawn mower, a tennis net, a slice of lemon orange wedge and some 3D lettering including the Robinson’s sign. You don’t actually get to see this type of advertising in London. Very clever. Just hope it stays glued all together (well till the Wimbledon season is over). Heheh.

Moving along, there’s a few poster ads but then you see this TV screen. Had this just appeared? I can’t remember seeing it much in Waterloo.

Good advertising? Well, it caught my attention!

It was a nice evening before the storm came… Beautiful London at sunset. ^_^

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