Caravaggio’s Italian Restaurant – London Camberwell

Before my Japanese exam (I had already had enough revision at this point – fed up of re-learning… didn’t do enough though methinks). I went out with a couple of colleagues to eat Italian food in Camberwell… I thought it was supposed to be a team get together (a different admin team I work with), but it ended up just being three of us. ¬_¬” I could have been revising….!!!!
The supposedly team building exercise was at Caravaggio’s. It’s a really famous local Italian restaurant in Camberwell. Everyone talks about it! But what’s so special about it? For one thing, it looks small from the front but really big at the bag. It’s a really retro restaurant and I’m sure lots of parties have been held in this place.

I was the early bird and was waiting for this team to show up… I didn’t even see them come but they sat quietly near the front – that’s when I spotted them whilst ordering their food! … I made them move to where I sat. :p
So starters first… My colleagues both ordered the sausage. Interesting presentation.

I chose the goat cheese, the Caprini forno. The sauce was sweet with the pears. It kind of tasted like a weird combo. But I love the presentation!!

One of my colleagues ordered the chicken… Can’t really comment…

And the other colleague and myself had the meat lasagne. I had that Garfield craving. ^_^

Parmesan cheese and black pepper on top. Tasty! Nice and hot. Very meaty filling. And very filling to the stomach. 

We all went for a dessert… cheesecake…

Chocolate fudge cake and ice cream…

And I had the creme caramel, which looked like the Japanese version of Purin… I wanted it!! I think the waiter even found my question kind of nonsense… what kind of pudding is it? ¬_¬”” … Just wanted to know if the Japanese stole the idea. Heheheheh. Delicious! I wish I could’ve slurped all that caramel. ^_^

Total cost came to around £67 including drinks. I think we were all surprised that the price was so cheap for the three of us!

Make sure you go early to get a seat… It gets really busy in there!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
Good service and somewhat cheeky
Food presentation is amazing!
Not expensive

Bad points:
Just watch out for the kids parties!!

Address: 47 Camberwell Church St, Camberwell, London SE5 8TR
Telephone: 020 7207 1612

When we were leaving it was already raining… But it suddenly stopped and we saw a rainbow… Awww… a rainbow in Camberwell. ^_^

When I got to Walworth Road, I was lucky to see another rainbow. I was hoping it was a good luck sign for my exams… Hmmmm, we’ll see if they were lucky in October!

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