RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016

The Geek’s rant: Oh PM Theresa May! What have you done to your cabinet??!! They’re all a bunch of fools. ¬_¬! The worst part is Jeremy Hunt who kept his job (hope he rots in hell) and Boris Johnson… who by the way is a prick and does not deserve the world’s trust. Foreign Secretary my ARSE! Another 4 years of Conservative BS… Another General Election NEEDED please!
Besides stupid London politics, my holiday this summer will be in London 😦 … so sad… everyone has gone on holiday and left me behind but London does hold some good events. I’m a tourist all over again… 
Last weekend I went to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, which was held in the back gardens of Hampton Court ¬_¬” (and it’s still in the boundaries of London).
Managed to get there between 10.30 to 11am. There was a mass of people and luckily I’m a fast walker (plus I needed the loo). It was a longish walk to get to the entrance of the show, but I guess I needed the exercise.

I love flowers a lot – get that from the mother’s end, and seeing strange plants and arrangements was amazing. ^_^ 

Took lots of pictures so scroll along for a little while.

At the tent there were more displays and people selling their plants.

This reminds me that I need to feed my cacti at work!! Just bought cacti drips on Amazon. ^_^ One of my cacti’s hasn’t flowered since I bought it. So sad, it must hate me.

I love these pots where the owner has labeled each type of flower. Idiot and Succeed are my favourites. Heheh.

I bought a bonsai tree from this stand – a small inexpensive indoor one. My bonsai tree is called an “elephant bush”. It’s on the kitchen window sill enjoying the sunlight. I can see leaves popping out after only having it for a week. So happy. I have always wanted one since watching Karate Kid the film. I’m hoping my tree will grow – but not too quickly. 

I headed out to the outside displays… there was just loads to see at the other end of the gardens.

I think I love water displays. One day if I ever own a home with a garden it’ll definitely have a water feature of some sort. Maybe just a pond with some goldfish or tadpoles.

Am I in Hobbit land?

What’s happening in Virtual Reality land?

I have no idea what this is supposed to be.

This display caught my attention!! Winnie The Pooh…

And Alice in Wonderland…

From where I was looking it looked as if the Queen of Hearts was telling of Christopher Robin and co. ^_^

What’s on the ground? Bullet shells… Don’t ask me why…

And what the heck is this?! Prison camp garden?!

This looked intriguing… I think I have no sense of understanding what this is… contemporary gardening does not suit me.

Now it was time to head back and look at the other stuff…

This was my favourite scarecrow!!

Finally… I made my way home. It was forever exhausting going around the area. How did King Henry VIII cope? I guess he rode his horses back and forth.
Seeing a mother swan and her duckling on the way home was amaaaaazing! 

This ugly duckling will become a beautiful swan!

Next year, I want to go to the Chelsea Flower Show. I’ll make sure to book a ticket in time.

Website: https://www.rhs.org.uk/

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