Hyper Japan 2016 – London Olympia

Wooooo. Continuing with my London holiday with Hyper Japan of Summer 2016!!
It’s been so hot, I haven’t had the energy to blog.
But finally, it’ cooled down… and I have a cold at the same time… runny noses… ugh.
Two weekends ago, Hyper Japan, the summer version happened. I think I miss Japan. I really want to go again! Think I might have to do a trip on my own… maybe during one of the spring seasons and check out the cherry blossoms. ^_^ One day… Must improve my Japanese first then take another trip. Heheh. This year Hyper Japan was in Olympia West. I wonder why. Last year it was in The O2 and the queues were horrrendous… this year, it was managed fairly well. I even took the bus to get there! Wow!!

This was the queue around 8.40am on Saturday morning… the queues got bigger and longer. People were joking around about Pokemon Go. During that week, I really didn’t want to play Pokemon Go… it looked boring… but now thanks to Mr Games, Mr Sensible and Miss Money (who all by the way were on holiday at the time), I started replaying a week after the release date. Humph. Go Pokemon Go.

Just after 9am I got in. ^_^

I walked around like a headless chicken trying to find all the cool stuff. It actually looked a bit meek from the bottom.

Then I went to the top… The top view it looks so colourful and fun!

So much Pokemon!!!  I found you all without having to play the game at the time. Wahahahah!!!

I took the liberty of buying a Pikachu cooking spatula… the one second to the left. I’ve yet to use it.

Wow…!! Knitted Pokemon.

Awwwww, I so wanted this!!!!! Maybe next year. ¬_¬””

These were so expensive… think a lot of people wanted them but they were defo out of my budget. 😦

Took a picture with Domokun!! By the way the Gudetama t-shirt I’m wearing below was bought on eBay. ^_^

Bought one of these grilled pork and cheese buns. It was alright. Nothing special. Wish it was a little hot…

Had a green matcha bubble tea at the same time…

I found you big Pikachu!!! ^_^

Every year Akari Mochizuki appears at this event. She always sings the same songs. And every time I listen to it I practically sing along!

As well as Mochi, Hibiki Ichikawa always shows up with his students.

As soon as the music ended, I headed straight to this event. I think my brother Mr Stingy knows this guy… it’s one of his ex-colleague’s partner/ relative… I didn’t ask. But Mr Stingy came on the Friday so didn’t turn up on the Sunday as he would usually do. He missed out on a lot…

Afterwards I walked around a bit looking for things to do… and in the end I bought this cuddly Gudetama for £30. ¬_¬””” Yep, I spent my money on a big plushie. I will never do that again, I swear!!
As I was walking around, I heard someone singing the Totoro song… who was singing it?? It was 

Azumi Inoue!!! :O wOooOoooow Really?! The original singer to some of the most popular Studio Ghibli animes?! Yes!! It was her!!

Yuyu, her daughter also performed with her… and I think she’s famous in Japan too, Amazing!

After listening to them both, I had to watch Totoro when I went home.

Walked more. Round and round I go. Bought a cute t-shirt for Miss Vegan – trying to find a bargain for her was hard… she’s never been to one of these events! Took some leaflets (and got a free fan after filling out a questionnaire) for Mr Iron Man who’s going to Japan soon, but only for a week – so look after him people of Japan ^_^. Bought some girlie things for Miss Pinky, Baby B and my French family. Rested at some point but kept going towards the end of the session. Talked to a Chinese guy in Cantonese, it was his first time going to one of these events… He was on holiday. Hahahaha. 

The ice cream had to be eaten this year again. It was so hot because there was so much sun that day.

These two are Charisma.com… when I was eating my ice cream I swear I was hearing the most awful song ever. But when I went to see who was singing, it was lot of disco music being played… hence a lot of standing fans.

The final part of the day I had to go to was the fashion show… Sorry for bad collage,,, so many models!

And the final act of the Saturday first session was Yukari Inada. She’s cool.

Well, how much did I spend? Maybe around £100… I didn’t count to be honest. I blame Gudetama for making me spend!!!

Hope to continue to go… Might be skipping the Christmas one this year.

Website: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/

p.s. I didn’t take many pictures of people in their costumes this year… seemed bleak…

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