Comic Con Prep Time

Any ideas on how to prepare for Comic Con?

Re-using this pic from a previous post >_<"

I’ve been to two Comic Cons this year. So here’s my top tips on what to do!
  • Buy your ticket online whether it’s the cheapest one or expensive one, it’s easiest just to buy it without having to queue at Comic Con
  • Check the start and finishing time of the event
  • Plan your travels days or weeks before – so make sure you have the right train, bus, coach or plane ticket!
  • Eat breakfast before you go – it’s going to be a long day!
  • If travelling with children and babies make sure to bring loads of drinks and snacks in case they get hungry ^_^
  • Take a compact camera with a zoom lens to see your favourite actor/ actress from a distance
  • Dressing up in your fave cosplay outfit to the event is a must! (Although I don’t dress up I usually wear something simple) … but if you feel uncomfortable or the costume is too big, it’s best to dress up at the event
  • Take cash with you… not all the stands accept card
  • Make sure you’re in comfortable shoes/ trainers to walk around in, it can be a long day of carrying children or doing unusual things like chasing your favourite character to take a picture – yep, I’ve done that before.
  • Be prepared to queue for anything!
  • And finally, know your surroundings – where to enter, where to exit, finding stands and know where all the loos are!!! ^_^ great resource for finding and planning conferences and conventions.

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