Spitalfields City Farm – London Buxton Street

Are you all Pokémon Go ready? The game has been out for over 3-4 weeks now and I’ve seen lots and lots of people go out and play trying to capture all the Pokémon. So far I have 58 types, but still need to get Pikachu. Where are you Pikachu?! It’s made me watch the old Pokémon anime – the Japanese version. LOL!! Luckily after my exam I can still understand Japanese. Heheheh.
Whilst Pokémon hunting in the Spitalfields area (as I heard Pikachu was spotted around the area) I headed towards the City Farm to see if it was opened, and it was!
Wasn’t really sure if it was actually opened so I kind of went in anyway. And took some pictures on my phone (which meant I had to stop playing Pokémon and look at live animals >_<).

Live chicken! No doubt to lay loads of eggs. ^_^

A cafe area…

And lots of plants and other livestock…

My finger got in the way of this picture, but can you read the sign made with bottle caps?

Looks like Stik was in the area ^_^

And finally I left to find somewhere to sit to charge my phone coz Pokémon Go really drained my battery that day… I also learnt how to aircharge in McDonald’s!

Clet Abraham Street art
If you decide to go Pokémon hunting or looking at some street art in the Spitalfields area (Brick Lane), don’t forget to visit the farm! ^_^

Address: Buxton Street, London, E1 5AR

Telephone: 0207 247 8762

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