Lindt Creation – Irish Coffee and Passion Frappée Chocolate

In a chocolate mood this month, but being a lazy blogger (it’s just too hot to blog and eat chocolate!). Maybe it’s because I’ve sent some packages to friends last month with loads of chocolates and sweets. Just happy that they’re happy. ^_^

¬_¬” Ok, so don’t kill me. Since coming back from Marseille in March, the only thing I haven’t tried out are these two chocolate bars. I really limited my chocolate shopping this year. Really resisted the temptation to eat them all in one go too. Worth the wait!

It’s a good time to try out this Irish Coffee flavoured chocolate because I’m going on a very short trip to the Republic of Ireland next month. Yay! A holiday!

Unfortunately, taste-wise, this didn’t blow my mind. I was expecting full on whiskey and coffee flavours. All I could taste was chocolate. I’ll have another piece later just to double check I was right about the flavouring. Too bad I can’t get drunk from this. Lol! >_<""

Next up Passion Frappée.

I could taste a tangy fruitiness from this chocolate bar. Passion fruit flavour was definitely there. The chocolate didn’t overpower the fruity, slighty tangy taste. Lindt did well with this one. 
Overall disappointed with the Irish Coffee flavour. 😦 Passion Frappée was ok.

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