Holland Park – Kyoto Garden

If I weren’t told about there being many Bulbasaurs in Holland Park (which is a few bus stops away from Hyde Park), I don’t think I would have noticed that there are beautiful gardens there.
Mr B, who I have mentioned in this blog before (can’t remember what about, but he’s lurking in my blog), had informed me to go and hunt some Pokémon in Holland Park, in which I did during this summer Bank Holiday Monday. Guess I needed to burn more fat off from the BBQ earlier in the weekend. 

I walked around and around the place and noticed that there were so many people playing Pokémon Go. The game is not dead yet! Those who aren’t playing are just lazy or too busy to go out to hunt… I’ve seen parents play with their children on bus rides and in parks. Hah!

Well, I got to Kyoto Garden. Didn’t know this existed! Oh my! Such a terrible Londoner…

And I saw this… woah… where did this spring from? How long has it been here? Think I might pop into this garden once in a while. 

The koi fish are so big… it just reminded me of the time Miss Pinky and I went to the Palace in Tokyo…
By the way, Miss Pinky and family were supposed to meet me later on this day, but never showed up because of Baby B’s future childcare issues! 😦

As well as the Kyoto Garden, I went around looking at the rest of Holland Park.

People playing gigantic chess… Looks like it was going to be a long game with them thinking so much. LOL!

Spotted a robin on this tree, but it flew away as I was taking a pic…

 This is the Dutch Garden. I wanted to see all of it… but was lazy. >_<"

Address: Ilchester Pl, London W8 6LU

In the end, I headed towards Hyde Park to find some Clefairies… and also to see if Miss Pinky would show up… They didn’t. 😛

Address: there’s none… you just have to find it!

Looks like I’ll be walking around some more parks soon…

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