Thai Square – London Trafalgar Square

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to go out with Miss Pinky… she was complaining that we don’t spend enough time out together… it’s not my fault my goddaughter Baby B is making you busy Miss Pinky! :p … 
Miss Pinky hasn’t been to see a musical for a verrrrry long time, and so I booked some cheap tickets to see Phantom of the Opera – that would basically be my third time watching this. Third time! And her first time seeing it. ^_^ It’s one of my favourite musicals, so anyone who wants to watch it with me… be free to ask. 😀
We looked around for food. Miss Pinky said she always wanted to go into Thai Square but always thought it might be expensive. It wasn’t too expensive. Like normal restaurant prices. Before we decided to have this we stopped into the New Zealand bar for happy hour (she didn’t like the food there, plus it reminded her of one of the dark bars in Dallas we had went to).

After making a short decision we placed our orders. I had this Aubergine and minced chicken dish. It had two chillies on the menu, so I knew it would be spicy… It was very spicy… I almost choked from the juices on my first bite of the aubergine. >_<" Hahahaha. Silly geek. I actually liked this dish, Miss Pinky thinks I can't handle spices… I can, but prefer to eat hot foods at home when no one sees me enjoying the spiciness of the food… LOL!

I also had this egg fried rice… egg fried sticky rice to be exact. It came in a bowl that had a slant to it… for some reason I found it difficult to serve myself, but all I had to do was pick up the bowl as Miss Pinky showed me… I know, sometimes I can really be the most stupidest geek ever. Hehehe.

Miss Pinky had the jungle curry… I dare not try. She said it was spicy… very spicy and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I believed her. Maybe next time when I’m not sitting to a bunch of business peeps and tourists. >_<"" 

Total cost came to £45 including drinks (Miss Pinky had a Thai beer and I had orange juice with vodka ¬_¬”)… Not bad for the two of us in the city.
My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– polite service – fairly speedy as Miss Pinky kept telling them we were going to the theatre
– Very spicy quality Thai style food
– Miss Pinky enjoyed looking at the waitresses traditional clothing… Hahahaha!
– Not too expensive comparing to all the Thai places I’ve been to
Bad points:
– The layout is just too posh for me… Not really! 

Address: Trafalgar Square, 21-24 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BN
Tel: 020 7839 4000


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