Budget Ireland Trip 2016 – Day 1: Cork – Blarney Castle (Part 2)

Friday 9th September – Mid morning to Mid afternoon

…Continuation from the last post…

After asking at the information desks, we got one of the airport buses (number 226) which took us into the town centre. It cost us €5.60, which is really expensive and it was a real short journey – but there was free wifi on the bus, which is probably why it was expensive!!

From the town centre’s bus station we took another bus (number 215 at stand 14) that headed to Blarney Castle. For a return ticket it was €7.50. This wasn’t a bad journey and it was worth the €3.75 each way. We got to see a lot of greenery whilst we were out there.

We reached our destination around 11am… and of course we went in the wrong direction. We had to go into the tourist office to find our way up to the castle… From the bus stop, go straight up then turn left and pass the chocolate shop, and then there’s a side road on the right… keep walking till you see the visitor’s centre.

Tickets into the gardens and the castle cost €13 – a strange price for a ticket Miss Money said. Well €13 is around £11… (Shrug). Miss Money asked whether it was worth exploring the gardens in the rain, the ticket seller said it was… what??!! ¬_¬””

And so it begins…

It was raining quite heavily, but you can’t really notice it in these pictures.

Two rivers cross here… so weird to see!

I was actually really stunned to see trees being yarn-bombed… trying to explain to Miss Money that it must’ve been a very famous street art yarn bombing person. LOL!

Here’s Blarney Castle in the distance. It is north-west to Cork City Centre.

From below it just looked so amazing!

Miss Money wanted to go and kiss the stone, which is on top of the castle, so we patiently waited in line for people to go up and up and up…

LOL! The yarn bombers even crocheted some granny squares for this window. AMAZING!

Haven’t reached the top yet. One elderly woman thought she was a bit on the big side and decided to turn away… lucky woman!

We finally reached the top after so many stairs and carrying all our luggage with us… so tiring!

Here’s Miss Money kissing the stone. Hahahah… It was so windy that I was so scared of doing it myself.

And back down we go…

That was a very exhausting trip going up the castle. It almost felt like I was going up a mountain. :p

Time for a tea break!!!

Miss Money wanted to see some waterfall so we went to The Rock Close gardens.

Found the waterfall, so we went onwards…

And another waterfall!

Ok, so why did I take a picture of the sign “Lavatories”? Well, an Australian or New Zealander (I can never tell the difference) said it was the first time in 50 years since he saw a sign for the loo being called lavatories… Really? In England Miss Money and I see them everywhere! Really?

It was time to go… we were there for a good 3 hours but we didn’t explore all the gardens unfortunately… it was still wet and windy when we left…

Website: http://www.blarneycastle.ie/

Day 1 – still to be continued!

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