Kinlay House Hostel – Cork, Ireland (from Day 1)

Thought I might change format of my posting. ^_^
Usually I post about the hotels or hostels I stayed in at the end of the travel posts, but thought it would make sense to post it after Day 1’s trip.
Miss Money chose the Kinlay House Hostel on after searching and searching online for a nice place to stay… and this is what we ended up with.

It’s actually not that far from the city centre, a 10 to 15 minute walk (English time… Irish time runs faster, lol!).

Sorry for the mess! We were trying to dry off, and go out to eat… We got the top floor of the house we were staying in. Was actually surprised to see that we had to actually come out of the reception to get to the house. There’s no adjoining corridor…
I hate stairs (think I may have said that many times in this blog), but there were a few twists and turns so it was a little fun going up the stairs. Now I know what Irish homes are like in Cork. ^_^ 

We had one cup in the room, so I had to ask reception where I could get one. Had to go to the adjourning kitchen which is located near the reception area. Breakfast is free, and basically you can make your own food within the limits of the kitchen. When we went in there it was quite busy, full of hungry people and people on their laptops/ devices.
There’s a small TV, so if you wear glasses, it’s best to wear them. Heheh. The cupboard below was a bit wobbly but usable.

Bathroom was nice and clean. We had to shut the window and put the blinder down as Miss Money was afraid of people looking in!! Hahahahah. Towel were given too. Such a nice hostel compared to The Generator Hostel in Dublin!!

There’ a big dining room at the bottom. Milk and teabags are provided. If we were in Cork longer, I would have enjoyed a meal there. 

I managed to sleep for a good few hours in the hostel. If only Miss Money didn’t go to the loo and if the heating remained on for a little longer I would have a great nights sleep.

Price paid for one night: €59 (€28 per person)

My geeky rating: 4/5

Address: Bob & Joan’s next to St. Ann’s Church Bells, Bob and joan’s Walk, Shandon, Cork, Ireland
Phone: +353 21 450 8966

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