Budget Ireland Trip 2016 – Day 2: Limerick – Walk, Walk, Walk! ε=ε=┌(; ・_・)┘ (Part 1)

Saturday 10th September – morning
The weekend off early. Like 8 o’clock early. Humph. Did we have to wake so early?!
Well, 1. we needed breakfast and 2. we needed to get bus tickets to Limerick. We walked to the city centre of Cork and had our double sausage and egg McMuffins in the streets. We stumbled across the post office, but they didn’t sell postcards. I went into the local card shop and bought three. Sent one to Mrs Travels and family, Mrs Hen and also my friend in Canada. I accidentally wrote on the wrong cards to Mrs Hen and the friend in Canada… but I decided I would send another one to the Canadian(s). Postage stamp cost €1.10 per postcard. It’s worth doing this whilst on holiday in case you can’t buy presents. >_<""

Our bus to Limerick was around 10.30 am, so it felt like we had lots of time to get our tickets and sit around before boarding our bus. The bus station has free WiFi you know. Practically the whole of Ireland offers free WiFi….!! Wow. This country is probably the best to offer such amenities to everyone. ^_^
We arrived in Limerick around midday. My, my… Limerick feels like a pretty town. A lot less dirty than Cork.
Miss Money and I walked, walked and walked trying to find the town centre. It’s not actually that far, but the city centre feels massive.

We stopped for some coffee… I spilt some of mine as I was trying to bend down to the table. Had so much stuff on me. Bags. 
Miss Money was complaining to Mr Games and Mr Sensible that I was playing Pokémon Go wherever we stopped. :p I didn’t play on the whole trip. Was checking if Pikachu was in the area. Heheheh.

And off again we as we headed towards King John’s Castle. We spotted some Chinese people, street art and a singer, who could be famous one day…

King John’s Castle was in the distance. Miss Money made us cross the bridge and walk the other side… Loooong walk…. And it was so warm I wanted to take a lot of clothes off.

Here’s an end to part 1 of day 2. Next post will be on the castle – basically more walking before we checked into to our place of stay.

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