Budget Ireland Trip 2016 – Day 2: Limerick – King John’s Castle (Part 2)

Saturday 10th September – afternoon

… In the middle of watching The Walking Dead… and crocheting for myself… I will get these blogposts out ASAP!

Already tired Miss Money! She’s been making us walk for a very long time that morning, and we had already decided that we would go into King John’s Castle.

It’s €13 to get in which is around £11. That isn’t bad for an 800 year old castle! From the outside it looks kind of big, but it isn’t really that big… Just very spacious inside.

There’s a whole museum section where it talks about why this castle was made and named after King John of England at the time… He never even went to visit it. Blimey! Probably too busy plotting his next fight with some other kingdom.

After the museum part, we went out to explore the grounds.

One of the workers who was enacting himself as a 13th Century person. Hehehe. He made me laugh.

So what we go and do?

Walk up the towers of course. They looked like very small towers compared to the one we went to in Blarney, but Blarney Castle was made 200 years after. ¬_¬”

From the top we took a lot of pictures…

We would say the whole tour would have taken around an hour… Unfortunately it still meant we had loads of time left before we checked into our place of stay that night… Still prefer Blarney Castle. :p

It was time to go and check out how far away we were from it…

Address: Nicholas St, Limerick, Ireland

to be continued…

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