Airbnb Experience in Limerick, Ireland (from Day 2)

This is the first time that I have experienced using Airbnb. Miss Money has not used it either. 
Using the website was easy trying to find the right type of accommodation we wanted, but don’t forget some of these places are actually some people’s homes which you would be staying in.
Setting up an account was easy. But the actual part of having to verify yourself using one of your social networks plus an official photographic document was kind of tedious. Is it neccessary? Well, probably yes, since it gives a sense of security for the homeowner.

Finding a place within your price range is really hard, and the location has to be right as well… Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything near our price range and near the city centre. So we went for a place outside of the area… a place where we had to walk to. It was far!

The best part of the Airbnb experience is the instant booking. The bad part are the rules.
Miss Money and I stuck to the rules in the place we stayed in. Checked in at 5pm. (Miss Money didn’t even say “yes” I should message the landlady to find out if we could check in early… ¬_¬” Nevermind, that question will be used next time I use this service…) Showered before 9.30pm… Made our breakfast with the food that we were allowed to have. Fortunately we were quite lucky as the landlady wasn’t there, nor were there any other guests (we only found out in the morning because it was so quiet)… but she didn’t tell me that, she just told me where the key was. LOL!
The landlady had left lots of sticky notes around the house which was good because I think Miss Money and I would have been confused. She gave us towels too! The only problems were the heating and the bed light – we weren’t told how to switch these on.
Using Airbnb means you should stick to the person’s rules because they actually rate you on how you left the house. ¬_¬” I didn’t know that till the end of our experience. 
Anyway, I had a good but nerve racking experience. Caught a lot Pokémon too ^_^… 

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