Budget Ireland Trip 2016 – Day 3: Galway – Cliffs of Moher (Part 1)

Sunday 11th September – morning to afternoon
And we’re up early again! Ugh… It was cold in the house and quite hard to sleep… 😦
We made breakfast with the meats and bread that was available to us. That’s when we realised that we were actually alone… we left around 8 something in the morning to get another bus heading towards the Cliffs of Moher. Why on Earth were we heading there? Well, it’s where one of the scenes in Harry Potter was filmed. I didn’t actually know that until Miss Money told me. ^_^ 
Took some pictures of our morning in Limerick. Looks like the rain passed us during the evening… 

Just to let you know if you shop in this Supervalu you might not get any change back… Miss Money and I didn’t get our few cents back… why?! Didn’t ask, but thought it’s only a few cents… but I could have been saving!! 

So goodbye Limerick. That was a pretty long walk from the Airbnb home – about a 45 minute walk. 
We bought our bus tickets, no trains go there so you need to get the bus R51 then change at Ennis bus station for next bus 350. It costs €19.75 for a single fare… so expensive, but it is around a 2 hour trip.

And the journey begins…

We got there around 11am and it was soooo windy! There is a small fare that you need to pay at the desk (but I don’t think this is told to many visitors and they get away with it). It costs €4 or more depending on how you got there… So weird!

It was time to walk up the cliffs…
It was mega windy that day, so windy that I had to wrap my head with a beige scarf that made me look bald from a distance. ^_^ LOL!

Was actually quite scared of going towards the edge because it was so windy… but Miss Money told me it’s ok… ¬_¬”””


By midday it was sunny and we had some lunch… sandwiches made at the house. Budget holiday it is!

More walking but we didn’t go and see the puffins. Oh well, maybe another time in the future.

So short break. And we went the other way of the cliff.

See how strong the wind was… Very strong…

We headed back to the centre as it was too windy and we wanted to get the next bus heading towards Galway.

So the next bus was around 3 something and had to pay another €19.70 for a single fare… Another 2 hour trip. Yawn.

We enjoyed our time there… but next time if we ever went there is to not bring our bags…
Backpacking is hard work. :p

Day 3 to be continued.

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