Ocean Crest B&B – Galway (from Day 3)

Miss Money booked this B&B on Booking.com. It was the only cheap place and somewhere near the ocean when she booked it. (We couldn’t see the ocean from where we stayed by the way).
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side that weekend. 😦 I was quite miserable when I got there.
The one member of staff who showed us to our room was nice and told us where to go to find food. It’s quite a big B&B… there are other B&B’s along the same road by the way.
The guy said we could pay at that point or the next morning… We should have paid that evening as we had to leave early the next morning!!!

There is a big living room area which we didn’t explore.
The bathroom attached is a bit small, the ceiling light didn’t actually work so we had to use the mirror light to see – we weren’t told that. The shower was powerful though. Felt like I was almost back to normal after going up the Cliffs earlier. Heheheh.
Got a really good night’s sleep for the first time during that weekend. Didn’t want to wake up.
During the morning, I had to call one of the persons on reception that evening as we hadn’t paid and wanted an early check out… The woman was not happy with us as check out is at 8am or 8.30… It was kind of our fault for not paying earlier and forgetting to let them know. ¬_¬”” Anyway, we left our money (mostly change) for them in a torn up envelope which I had put into the bin earlier, and then we left the key in the door for them to collect afterwards…
We were quite grateful for this action… I called them later to see if they had collected the money etc. They did. ^_^
Thanks Ocean Crest for being flexible with us… we had to get the very early bus to Dublin that morning. 
Cost of room: €59

Address: 6 Ocean Wave, Dr. Colohan Road, Salthill, Ireland

Phone: +353 91 589 028

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