Budget Ireland Trip 2016 – Day 4: Dublin – The End

Monday 12th September – all day!
It was our final day in Ireland. After a very early check out (thanks to the B&B place we stayed in who accepted us leaving the money in the room and leaving the key on the door) it was time for a long walk back to the bus station. What’s with all these long walks… Backpacking is just hard work… LOL! 
Bye bye Galway. Miss Money liked this area… she’ll probably visit again…

Bus ticket from Galway to Dublin is €15 on a 3 to 4 hour journey… Huh… How comes this trip is much cheaper than the trip to the Cliffs?! Didn’t make sense to the two of us.
Halfway into the journey, we had loads of people getting on the bus as it was stopping at Dublin Airport. At that point I fell asleep for 15 minutes… Uh. I never fall asleep on the bus! That’s the first time! But geez, my power nap energised me for the rest of the day. ^_^

We finally arrived in Dublin around 11.30ish. It was nice to see Dublin again… But so many road works!

So I told Miss Money we should go and visit Trinity College, which is the most famous part of Dublin. I swear Miss Money only likes places that are rated the best. I asked her why one time… why does it have to be the best? ¬_¬” Anyway, she didn’t look up any parts in Dublin, so I was basically her tour guide for the parts I remembered.

Is this one of Invader’s works? Yeah, I think it is! LOL! Ireland is AWESOME for free WiFi!! I cannot doubt that one bit… I wish lots of countries were like Ireland. ^_^

Miss Money were practically starving… She wanted breakfast, so we had to look around… We found this place called Urban Picnic which was in the middle of an arcade. Asked if they were still doing breakfast, and the kind man said he could do some breakfast for us…

The service was actually quite slow… The guys who ordered soup after us ate and went… Very, very slow…

This was our breakfast, but they added the mushrooms onto Miss Money’s plate which should have been on mine… The bread was hard… everything else was ok… Not the greatest breakfast we’ve had…

My geeky rating: 3.5/5

Address: George’s Street Arcade, S Great George’s St, Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353 87 977 5822

We went for a walk now… we had hours until our flight back to London. We kept seeing places who were doing all day breakfasts for cheap… Miss Money wasn’t happy. Hahahahaha. Oh well. That’s life.

Pointed out the famous Temple Bar to her… she wasn’t that interested in this place. ¬_¬”

Then we decided to head to the Guinness Factory…

Saw this and thought of Miss Pinky… LOL

I had forgotten how long the walk to the Guinness factory was… Long! When we got there, all we did was take pictures on the outside… I think Miss Money will come again to Dublin to have a go at serving herself a pint. 😀

After going around the factory we kind of ended up walking around the river area… even explained to Miss Money where I had stayed last time I was there.

After walking around, drinking an expensive small iced coffee, posted some more postcards and reminiscing about what Miss Pinky and I did 4 years ago we headed towards the tourist shops. Bought a few things, then took a local bus (again the number 16, which Miss Pinky and I took) to the airport. I actually couldn’t understand the bus driver for the price of fare, so I just added coins into the coin thingy… ¬_¬””
Finally at the airport with my muddy trainers and ugly look (we were tired!!)… I was kind of not in a happy mood with this heavy backpack… Let me rest Miss Money!!! She wanted to buy more souvenirs. :p
Before we headed to our gate, we ate some Burger King food. I actually wasn’t very hungry for some reason, so I had some chicken strips. Was fed up of eating chips too.

Ok, so this wasn’t our flight home, but I thought I would take a picture as there were no people surrounding the windows, and it looked scenic.

It was time to board, yaaay! We had these rude Americans who pushed in the queue, and I had this feeling they wanted to push in front of us when they went into the wrong queue… Pee off! I kind of blocked their path after going through the passport check. Such rude people.
So this is our actual flight… there’s something about cheap flights when we actually have to go outside and climb up stairs to board the plane. Not fun really.

Finally arrived in London around 9.30pm. The flight was on time! And yes Ryanair still have those silly on time messages they broadcast on the flight… Ugh. We were the last people to get off the plane. Hahahah. There was a disabled lady sitting next to us, but it was ok as we didn’t mind taking our time.
There was no passport control at the other end… so we were very early for our coach back into Waterloo. We asked at the National Express desk if we could board an early coach, they said yes, the driver said yes, and we were back home very early! Wooo!!
Felt this trip was all about luck. Trial and error luck. ^_^
Total spent on Day 4: €70.90
Total spent on the trip (excluding flights and B&B’s/Hostels/housing): €255.90 – average of €62 (~£55-60)
Well, our spending was much better than what Miss Pinky and I had done four years ago. I think we could have spent even less if we had tried harder. ^_^

End of Day 4.

My next trip will be soon… Guess where I’m going!

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