Comical Bus Stop Invasion Street Art a.k.a Brandalism

Making up for lost time for not actually spending lots of time blogging.
This month, for the rest of the month, I’m going to off load an upload junk on this blog.
Wait for it… So. This past year has been filled with street art or what others would call Brandalism … or shall I say comical posters at a bus stop in the Walworth Road, located in front of Newington Library and there was one at Elephant and Castle. Brandalism is when someone mocks advertisements and brands. Anti-advertising.
I love it, the more offensive it is the funnier I find it.
I’m not sure who the artist(s) of these posters are, but it has captured some attention… they are often there for a minimum of a week, maybe a few days or longer if lucky and then replaced by a boring advert.

This poster was at Elephant and Castle. It shows an astronaut painting the sun or red moon, and shouting out “No God” at the bottom. Meaning there’s no god in outer space. 

This is one of the first posters at the bus stops in front of the library (there may have been one before this, but I can’t remember). It says “Practical Squatting”. What does that even mean?! Are people squatting because they have no place to stay, rent is too high in London and pay is too low… how do people survive?!

This was on the inside side of the bus same bus stop… Upside down tree. Probably meaning our trees are going downhill. We’re no longer breathing because the trees are all going to make way for other things… like new tower blocks.

And recently this was up for about a week or two. “Fart go further”… it also says “Why worry about Global Warming? We all die anyway.” And at the very bottom (missed out the first word), it says “… of Climate Scientists that that all this bla bla bla about “the Global Warming issue” is BULLSHIT”. LOL!!! Well it’s kind of right… How on Earth do we stop eating meat and become all vegan? Population is high anyway… ¬_¬””

Anyone know who they are? Are they locals to the Walworth Road? Street artists or Brandalists don’t really reveal themselves I know.
For my own selfish reasons, please keep invading this bus stop!

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