Littlewoods Christmas Advert 2016 – The Christmas Walk 40"

Oh woowww!! Littlewoods have finally got rid of Myleen Klass! Yeeeessss!!! Was getting a little bored of her in the Christmas ads to be honest. :p
I’m actually quite surprised by Littlewoods effort in this fairly simple but effective advert. I’ve become a Christmas advert snob but I actually like this. Puff. 
Some powerful music, a family who show off their purchases and gifts, walk down the street then boof, they bump into another family from around the corner in which they start using a silence section in the music (like what they did in the John Lewis ad)… Then the families carry on, on their way to wherever they’re supposed to be going.
Did the other family also purchase their gifts from Littlewoods?

The only part I didn’t like about the ad was the stereotypical part showing a black girl and a black man just staring at the white family. ¬_¬” 

Argos Christmas Advert 2016 – Yetis

Meh. A bunch of yetis snowboard across a town picking up gifts…
By the way collecting items in 60 seconds after purchasing or reserving the item online seems impossible. Why? Do you know how many people use this store? Tonnes of people! Plus when there’s no staff… then they are thinking the impossible.

Not really that impressed by the advert. If you’ve been to an Argos store, then you will understand the consequences of the waiting game.

Tesco Christmas Advert 2016 – Bring It On


What do mothers (and all women in fact) think before Christmas? Impressing the guests and family, what toys/games their grandchildren are in, what food do people like, what are they going to wear etc., etc… well Tesco seemed to have recorded our thoughts somewhere (probably went through a large brainstorm/survey with women). ¬_¬””

Tesco brings back the Mr and Mrs couple from last year’s adverts… we have the Mrs speaking out her thoughts about it being too early to even think about Christmas,..

But I just wonder. Once it’s December will she be thinking the same things as she had done in “November”… Will Tesco be bringing out another ad for December on their progress?

A food for thought! And yes mince pies is just too early! ^_^

Boots Christmas Advert 2016 – The Gift of Beauty


Boots have gone for a not-so-dazzling advert this Christmas.
It’s a very simple advert on the working woman. A woman who basically works shifts and unable to impress their family and friends… so the makeup artists step in and I think they’re using some or all the products that Boots represent… Hmmm…

Looks like a fairly low budget advert that didn’t make the Christmas gifts as beautiful as the viewer would have seen it.

Bring back the dazzle Boots. Bring back the dazzle.

Debenhams Christmas Advert 2016 – #Foundit for a fabulous Christmas

LOL!! My my, Debenhams have gone out and explored a different way of story telling this year.
Ok, it is similar to last year’s ad but in this case the accessories are doing the talking instead of family members telling how and why they bought it. I found it hilarious that the accessories were telling their story in why we should go out and buy them!
The way the coffee machine said “I can zush milk” I started giggling. The man bag was also funny but I think they could have at least chosen something less similar to last years man bag. 
It’s quite an appealing advert to all. Debenhams do sell more than undies, so men, don’t feel obliged if you have to choose that sort of gift for your other half… an expensive handbag would do (for me anyway!). 
An improvement.

House of Fraser Christmas Advert 2016 – Christmas is Coming for You

Wow. A very vibrant Christmas advert from House of Fraser this year. 
Last year’s advert was pretty much sad story telling. This year’s is very similar, almost the same to be honest, apart from the song…
Group dancing, no mouthing of the words, stamping themselves at the dining table, etc, etc… This year House of Fraser seemed to have got it right. A mixture of clothes, accessories, kitchenware, perfumery and kids clothes are seen. It’s thankfully not boring… watching it over and over again will make you bore of it eventually.

Overall, it’s a happy story telling ad compared to last year. ^_^

eBay Christmas Advert 2016 – Survive The Disco

Hmmm. The next ad is from eBay. (I’m watching The Apprentice as I write this, so I might get critical). ¬_¬”
It’s a very geeky advert. As geeky as me I guess. I shop on eBay a lot (a confession).
So these bunch of teenagers go to a disco, and they seem to have a lot of gadgets and accessories on them like a ouiji ball, necklaces, phones, headphones etc, etc…!
Well, a very chilled ad targeted mainly for teens rather than the adults. A cheaper way of getting through Christmas. ^_^

Aldi Christmas Advert 2016 – Kevin The Carrot

Right. I’m going to go in the order I found/watched these Christmas adverts for 2016.
Get ready for some great ones and awful ones!! I really can’t wait to find all those international ones too!!!!
Let’s have a watch of this ad.

So we have a 3 inch baby carrot named Kevin searching for Santa! He traipses through the dinner table to get to Santa’s mince pie, he lights up the Christmas pudding, manages to escape a roast potato boulder, go through a bucket of ice etc before jumping onto the Christmas tree and onto Santa’s plate.
Kevin the carrot takes a snooze, and before he realises it, he’s awakened and flying over the UK attached to one of the reindeers who thinks that Kevin is food! Well Santa got around really quick that night it seems. ^_^
A pleasant story from Aldi. They never disappoint with their Christmas adverts!

And here’s an extra ad… I’m really not sure if they’re just taking the mickey out of John Lewis. >_<"

Twix Creamy Peanut Butter Flavour

Time for a chocolate post! Christmas advert posts are coming soon!!
I found this Twix chocolate bar in Morrisons a few weeks ago for 80-something pence. It’s an import from the USA, so I was quite surprise to see it.
It’s made with creamy peanut butter so was very intrigued on how this was going turn out.

It had the normal two pieces of Twix bars we see in the UK.

Instead of caramel, the Americans have replaced it with peanut butter, the very sweet version. For me peanut butter has to be the slightly salty kind. This has that but I think it’s the chocolate that ruins the taste… Doesn’t taste right. Americans really have a chocolate sweet tooth! 
Apart from the chocolate, this biscuit and peanut butter were fine…

Would I buy this again?
Absolutely not! Give me a normal Twix bar anytime!

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 – #BusterTheBoxer

Trump won, and we’re all doomed. Nuclear destruction to the world!!
Oh well, on another note, Christmas is just around the corner. 46 days from today to be exact. This year’s advertising has been the pits. The poster adverts are the pits. Haven’t seen anything amusing or eye catching this whooole year, hence the low amount of posts this year. 😦 
But finally the Christmas TV ads are out! And first off is the John Lewis ad called #BusterTheBoxer… Let’s review…

Well, it’s an improvement from last year. On first review it did make me laugh. On second review I thought hmmm. CGI foxes, a badger, squirrel (not even a red one) and a hedgehog – the British wildlife we find in our back gardens and streets, had given the trampoline a go. Is that a spirit of Christmas or that just some wild fun we wish we had right now? It reminded me of a book I read as a teen about some British animals travelling to another park… The Animals of Farthing Wood. ¬_¬” (That was a blast from the past, hahahah).
Anyway, Buster the boxer dog feels like he’s missing out on the fun. He’s cute when he does his sad face. And when the parents (his owners) open the back garden  door, who gets to the trampoline first? The dog of course. Parents and their daughter look on in shock. LOL! The trampoline was built by the dad for the daughter who loves jumping up and down on her bed.
For those who own a dog, I don’t think they’ll have a look of shock, they’ll most likely have a look of anger and horror on their faces. What if they pooped on the trampoline or chewed on it… Hmmmm.
The song didn’t really help the advert either… “One Day I’ll Fly Away” was a bit too sad. 😦 Depressing.
It’s made me laugh, but sadly, it hasn’t given me that Christmas spirit… Good try John Lewis.