John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 – #BusterTheBoxer

Trump won, and we’re all doomed. Nuclear destruction to the world!!
Oh well, on another note, Christmas is just around the corner. 46 days from today to be exact. This year’s advertising has been the pits. The poster adverts are the pits. Haven’t seen anything amusing or eye catching this whooole year, hence the low amount of posts this year. 😦 
But finally the Christmas TV ads are out! And first off is the John Lewis ad called #BusterTheBoxer… Let’s review…

Well, it’s an improvement from last year. On first review it did make me laugh. On second review I thought hmmm. CGI foxes, a badger, squirrel (not even a red one) and a hedgehog – the British wildlife we find in our back gardens and streets, had given the trampoline a go. Is that a spirit of Christmas or that just some wild fun we wish we had right now? It reminded me of a book I read as a teen about some British animals travelling to another park… The Animals of Farthing Wood. ¬_¬” (That was a blast from the past, hahahah).
Anyway, Buster the boxer dog feels like he’s missing out on the fun. He’s cute when he does his sad face. And when the parents (his owners) open the back garden  door, who gets to the trampoline first? The dog of course. Parents and their daughter look on in shock. LOL! The trampoline was built by the dad for the daughter who loves jumping up and down on her bed.
For those who own a dog, I don’t think they’ll have a look of shock, they’ll most likely have a look of anger and horror on their faces. What if they pooped on the trampoline or chewed on it… Hmmmm.
The song didn’t really help the advert either… “One Day I’ll Fly Away” was a bit too sad. 😦 Depressing.
It’s made me laugh, but sadly, it hasn’t given me that Christmas spirit… Good try John Lewis.

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