Debenhams Christmas Advert 2016 – #Foundit for a fabulous Christmas

LOL!! My my, Debenhams have gone out and explored a different way of story telling this year.
Ok, it is similar to last year’s ad but in this case the accessories are doing the talking instead of family members telling how and why they bought it. I found it hilarious that the accessories were telling their story in why we should go out and buy them!
The way the coffee machine said “I can zush milk” I started giggling. The man bag was also funny but I think they could have at least chosen something less similar to last years man bag. 
It’s quite an appealing advert to all. Debenhams do sell more than undies, so men, don’t feel obliged if you have to choose that sort of gift for your other half… an expensive handbag would do (for me anyway!). 
An improvement.

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